10 Workplace Perks Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers Value the Most

Today, savvy company owners must go beyond offering excellent pay and health insurance to find the best people to fill job positions. Not surprisingly, Generation X and Y workers are looking for more. That’s why many companies are starting to mix enticing perks into their job offers. Discover workplace perks employees value the most.


1. Assistance with Childcare.

Gen-Xers with children are concerned about the cost of childcare. They want affordable childcare that allows them to feel confident about the safety of their children. One of the most valuable perks to offer employees who are Gen-X is a child care centre with age-appropriate playground equipment and caring and well-educated staff located close to or at their workplace. Having their children so close by makes pick-up and drop-off incredibly convenient for Gen-X parents.

2. Flexible Working Hours.

One of the top company perks for Gen-Xers is flexible work hours. If an employee has to make a doctor’s appointment early in the day or must leave work to pick up a sick child from school, a company with understanding management that offers flexible hours is going to be an appealing place to work.

3. Financial Education.

Gen-Xers worry about how far the household budget is going to stretch and whether they will be able to pay their bills or retire in later life. A company that offers financial education to help employees learn how to better handle the money they make and plan for emergencies is going to be attractive to a Gen-Xer with growing family responsibilities.

4. Dental Insurance.

For many Gen-Xers, dental care falls low on the list of priorities mostly because many companies don’t offer dental insurance. But, a growing number of Gen-Xers with children want to have dental insurance to make a plan of dental care for their kids. This is why dental insurance is one of the best perks to offer employees of this generation.

5. Services for the Well-Being of the Individual.

Family responsibilities, caring for elderly parents, managing money and navigating a career are all concerns for Gen-Xers. This type of care for the individual is one of the top company perks for workers of this generation. Examples of well-being care are marriage counselling, assistance with finding an elderly parent new housing and assistance with planning a college fund for a child. These services can alleviate some of the stress of a Gen-Xer making him or her a more productive employee.


1. Fun Activities.

Some of the best company perks for employees belonging to Generation Y involve experiences. Some examples of perks that Gen-Yers enjoy are memberships to fitness clubs, getting a massage during lunch from a massage therapist, tickets to sports games, a day of competitive games with employees divided into teams.

2. Lifestyle Perks.

Oftentimes, company perks for employees belonging to Generation Y involve lifestyle. Gen-Yers appreciate things like a casual dress code, the ability to bring their dog to work and the opportunity to adjust their work schedule so it’s not always the same. The option to work from home on some days is also attractive to this demographic of workers.

3. Perks to Make Everyday Life Easier.

Gen-Yers don’t want to spend a lot of time on the necessary tasks of daily life. So, many companies are incorporating these perks into the actual design of their buildings or campus. For instance, a company may give workers on-site access to a dry cleaner, exercise room, swimming pool, hair salon and coffee shop. Gen-Y employees don’t have to go far to get their daily errands done before or after work or at lunch.

4. A Fun, Inspiring Workplace.

Gen-Yers are drawn to a fun, inspiring work environment. This is the ultimate perk! For instance, a company may host competitions such as trivia contests with prizes for employees handed out each day. A company with this perk has management that encourages creativity and feedback from employees. Also, employees receive encouragement regarding projects and other work tasks. The freedom to decorate desks and walls is another aspect to this valuable perk for a Gen-Yer.

5. Community Projects.

This is another perk that provides different experiences for Gen-Y employees. Local volunteering opportunities such as building homes for families in need, working at an animal shelter or participating in after-school tutoring programs are all examples of projects that make Gen-Yers feel more a part of the community where they live and work.

These are just ten perks for Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers. Of course, there are many more. Sometimes it’s the scattering of perks mixed into a job offer that can garner a company the right kind of employees.

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