6 Best and Fun Work Christmas Party Ideas in Gold Coast

As the year draws to a close, everyone’s looking for ideas to let off some steam and re-energize for next year. There are an array of activities you can opt for, but you can never go wrong with a well-planned Christmas party. If you are in Gold Coast, here are some fun work Christmas party ideas:

Party Boat in Gold Coast 

The Gold Coast has a host of canals that you can explore during this festive season. The boat parties can be in the form of cruises at sea. You’ll get to enjoy a cool environment and exhilarating sites from your boat. You could also make the most of the customizable catering options and only focus on the fun. Party boats offer a unique vibe that will leave you hungry for more. No one will be keen on disembarking the boat to get back to the hustles of life.

Clay Bird Shooting

We are all not good at aiming and precision, but that should not keep you from trying a hand at shooting. A professional instructor will be on hand to walk you through the whole procedure, from handling a gun to taking aim and shooting at various targets. Once everyone is on board, you’ll be invited to shoot at some Claybirds. What started as a fun activity will gravitate to friendly competitions that your team can take pleasure in.

A Stunt Man Activity

You can choose to entertain the rest of the team with different wild stunts. Learn the tenets of the stunts and put on a show that will crack ribs and fill the air with great laughter. You could also work as teams and build cooperation with each other. The Spy school and Ninja school are some of the most popular stunts that individuals engage in. With a fitting theme, you can challenge one another and push your limits. At the end of the day, you’ll have enjoyed great fun and will go back home greatly empowered.

Go on a Wine Tour

The Tamborine Mountain area is known for its beautiful terrain and the breathtaking scenery. The area is also flooded with an avalanche of wineries that have Australia’s finest wines. While on tour you can taste the exceptional drinks and enjoy sumptuous meals from the local area. The wines and spirits are a blend of the fresh fruits that are grown in the mountain area. You’ll need a private tour to enjoy these amazing features. Make a point to stop at the art galleries to take in the spectacular work of the residents of Gold Coast. The tour offers a one-of-a-kind experience and a memorable adventure for your team.

Hire Gold Coast Party Pontoons

If you are looking for a barbeque party this Christmas, then the Gold Coast party pontoons are your best bet. You will enjoy an experience of a lifetime and have a story to tell for years on end. You can dance to great tunes thanks to the stereo while the insulated roof keeps the scorching sun at bay. Let the barbeque experts take care of your meals while the rest of the crew makes merry. The party pontoons also provide an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset cruise as you reflect on the strides you’ve taken through the year. You’ll visit a host of locations including South Stradbroke, Surfers Paradise as well as the Coomera River.

Take a Fishing Charter

The best work Christmas party ideas could not be wrapped up without thinking of a fishing expedition. Do not fret if you have not done this before. You’ll be in the hands of a seasoned skipper who will take you to the fishing spots that offer the greatest amount of fun. Enough bait hooks are available on the deck for all of you to enjoy the tour. Fishing trips guarantee fun and offer a wonderful opportunity for the team to bond.


These work Christmas party ideas in Gold Coast are a great avenue for staff to relax and get to know one another better. While the list is not exhaustive, it is an ideal place to start. While at it, design the parties to provide a casual setting for workmates engagement to interact and build formidable relationships. The aspect of inclusivity should also be factored in. Find out what is most suitable for your team and create a memorable experience for everyone in the office.


There is no doubt that when you get back to the office, there will be better input which will be evident in the overall results. Your organization will have more cohesiveness and efficiency in service delivery.


Caroline Bird is a content writer. She currently writes for PeachE, a platform that will help you connect with freelance party entertainers in Australia. She’s interested in writing about corporate ideas for employee engagement as much as finding creative ways to set up an awesome party for her workmates.

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