5 Ways to Motivate Employees to Exercise and Stay Active

Exercising on a regular basis is important as it helps you maintain a good work-life balance while ensuring that you get to remain healthy. As you age, it becomes even more important for you to take part in regular fitness programs. Most employees, however, find it a bit difficult for them to fit in a fitness routine into their already crammed up home and work lives.

As an employer, you can use the following ways to motivate employees to exercise:

1. Providing Them with Gym Discounts

Short of introducing a mandatory fitness Bootcamp for your personnel, partnering with a local fitness centre or gym is a great way to nudge them to start exercising. Ideally, you should choose a centre that is close to your office.

Get in touch with prospective gyms through physical mail, phone calls, or email and inform the operators that you would like to refer your employees to their fitness centres. In exchange, the facilities should consider providing your personnel with a discount on their annual membership fees.

The gym you choose to partner with will not only get to shore up its bottom line, but your employees will also receive a much-needed incentive to start working out.

2. Workspace Flexibility

Having already identified the benefits of exercise for employees, the organisation should try to allow its people some flexibility while in the workplace. For instance, allowing your marketers and human resource personnel to sit on their balance balls as opposed to staying behind their desks will help them stabilise and strengthen their core muscles.

The strengthening and stabilisation of these muscles are essential to their overall wellbeing. In the same way, allowing the accountants and IT personnel to store and use resistance tubes in their cubicles/desks will allow them to get more toned and stronger during their breaks.

According to a study conducted by the Stanford School of Medicine in 2011, exercising in short bursts during the course of the day helps to enhance efficiency and efficacy. Your company is, therefore, going to benefit from your employees improved health status.

3. Encourage Exercise Groups

Not all organisations are in a position to fund an onsite gym for their employees. For such companies, they can encourage their people to try and join exercise groups in and out of work.

For example, you could come up with a walking group where employees would take a short stroll around the company premises during their lunch breaks. You could also form a weekend volleyball or football team where company personnel get to meet every weekend in a nearby park.

These are the options that will cost you a very little amount of money but will come with many health benefits for your people as they get to exercise more frequently.

4. On-Site Health Center

The organisation can also formulate and introduce employee health and wellness programs. To guarantee the success of these programs, the company can create a well-equipped health centre.

Apart from the normal machinery, the centre should also stock healthy drinks and snacks. It is one of the easiest ways to make sure that everyone in the company gets to workout.

While it will require a significant amount to get it started as well as considerable planning, the benefits that the firm stands to gain are well worth it. Benefits will include discounts on the firm’s health insurance plans, fewer sick-off days, and increased employee loyalty.

5. Friendly Contests

Organising friendly contests between the various departments can also act as a motivator to exercise. You will, however, need to ensure that the contests are organised in a tactful manner.

The prizes for winning the contests should also act as an incentive for your people to get involved. Ensure that the contests have a reasonable timeline, e.g., 90 days.

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