Top 7 Ideas for Corporate Christmas Party in Melbourne

Melbourne is a magical city around Christmas. With so many Christmas trees, amazing decorations and the light show at the City Hall, Melbourne goes all out when celebrating Christmas. But, with so many options available, it’s difficult to choose the best venue or activities for your company’s Christmas party. 

So, if you are looking for ways to impress your staff, here are 7 corporate Christmas Party ideas in Melbourne to help you organize an amazing event for you and your colleagues.

Christmas on a Train

If you want to surprise your colleagues, an exclusive Christmas party on a train will do the trick. You can book one or two carriages and design the venue depending on your preferences.  You can either prepare a dance floor with a DJ or book a live band for a subtler touch. A catering company can help you pick the right menu and you can easily install a bar for drinks. Consider booking 2 carriages if you want to set up a mingling and welcoming area. For some extra fun, you can organize a karaoke competition or include some card games.

A Winery Function

If you’re looking for an elegant and prestigious setting, you can’t go wrong with a winery function. Check the wineries in Melbourne and book your favorite venue for Christmas. You can include a winery tour, tasting, interactive workshops and have a party in the evening. You’ll find exclusive packages which offer customized menus and various entertainment options. And, for some mystery, you can add a password or riddle as an entry-pass.

Christmas in the Wild

Depending on how adventurous your colleagues are, you can arrange a party at the zoo in Melbourne. You can set up a private location on an outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy drinks and food while admiring the wild animals. For fun, you can establish a North Pole dress code. And, arrange a competition for the best North Pole costume. Prizes can vary and include anything from a bonus, an all-paid-for vacation or added days to the work-holiday.

A Luxury Christmas Cruise

With so many Christmas Party cruises in Melbourne, choosing the right one is daunting. Consider A professional cruise party planner like Oriental Queen Cruises which includes premium comfort and a prestigious venue style. Everything from the décor to the staff’s professionalism is high-standard. Your Christmas event will run smoothly, and your colleagues will enjoy the firework shows while tasting the delicious meals available. Whatever your preferences are, a luxurious corporate cruise will guarantee an unmatchable Christmas party.

A Maritime Christmas

For an unforgettable Christmas party, book one of the corporate boat cruises in Melbourne. You’ll enjoy a delightful cruise down the Yarra River and enjoy the range of decorations throughout the city. Exclusive packages are available, and you can customize the menu to suit your colleagues’ preferences. Book a local DJ or hire a live band to get the Christmas party started.

A Rooftop Christmas Party Barbecue

Melbourne has many rooftop venues suitable for a Christmas party barbecue. They’re weatherproof and offer amazing views of the city. And, because Christmas is about being with the family, organizing a barbecue creates a strong bond between your co-workers. Nothing comes close to admiring Melbourne’s skyline while sipping hot wine and enjoying a barbecue on a roof-top. For some festive fun, you can include different competitions or organize a cooking show.

Christmas at the Stadium

Etihad Stadium is Melbourne’s landmark venue for many events. You can book one of the private function rooms and decorate it in the holiday spirit. Organize anything from a cocktail party or an elegant dinner and enjoy the spectacular amenities the stadium has to offer. At the end of the party, you can have a firework show to entertain your guests.

Wrapping It Up

Melbourne is a wonderful city during Christmas. And, if you’re organizing a corporate Christmas party you have many options to choose from.

However, to guarantee an incredible and fun Christmas event, try one idea we’ve put together in this brief. You and your colleagues will celebrate an unforgettable Christmas together.

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