TEFL Guide: How to Teach English Online Without a Degree

If you have ever thought of doing TEFL jobs, then there is a chance you are interested in teaching English online without a degree. We are about to help you get started with this lucrative journey. In this piece, you will get fantastic tips on how you can earn money online while teaching English as a foreign language.

Do you need a Degree to Teach English Online?

This is one of the questions that many aspiring online English teachers tend to dwell on. Arguably, it sounds more like a tumbling stone. If you feel that you have the right skills, then this is the last question that should ever cross your mind. Therefore, the answer to this question is an absolute no.

First of all, English, like any other language, has rules. What you need is a robust mastery of the rules so that you can impart the right knowledge to your online learners. Besides, you can get the right English teaching methodology on the internet, and it comes free of charge. This means the only barricade between you and your dream of becoming an online English teacher is you.

What you should know is that while you don’t feel ready to take the challenge head-on, someone else is doing it and is accumulating huge rewards. Well, you should only compete with yourself, so let that serve as an eye-opener. The truth is that you have an opportunity in teaching English online from anywhere you like as long as you are a native or near-native speaker. There are more and more native speakers who start teaching English online in beautiful countries like Thailand, Bali, or Japan. 

Should You Get a TEFL Certification?

Involving in a TEFL course will prepare you for English language classrooms with TEFL certification, practical skills training, language awareness training. Having a TEFL certificate in your pocket will expand your opportunity to teach English online.

When Should You Apply to Teach English without a Degree?

Now, many companies are looking for online English teachers, and the requirements vary greatly. Therefore, it is essential to know when you should give a shot to teaching English Online without a Degree. Below are the things to consider before making your application.

1. When a degree is not one of the requirements

Of course, when you commence trying to find the best companies looking for online teachers, you will realize that some of them need you to submit your degree cert. Nevertheless, there is a good number that does not consider that as long as you have the right skills to push you through the career.

2. Your Degree isn’t Education

You might have studied something else, but you find passion in teaching English. This situation is quite prevalent among juniors looking for easy ways to make money. After all, teaching English is not rocket science. As long as you know the right place to put your feet, you can become a successful online English teacher.

3. You are studying for your degree

Maybe you are a student interested in online ESL teaching jobs so that you gain financial freedom. Though finding free time in college is not easy, you might also learn that expenses keep getting higher and you start to wonder how you will pay your bills. If that is the case, you can save a few hours each day to help someone learn English online. After all, this kind of job is flexible enough to leave you enough time to work on your studies as you increase your monthly earnings.

4. You have teaching experience without a degree

Some things can be done as long as you have enough experience. For instance, if you have taught before, maybe in a physical class, then you have enough experience to get you started. It is all about understanding your learners and being ready to help them through the program. Although you might face some challenges, it is still a great way to augment your skills as you earn something at the end of the month.

The Final Thought

Before you start teaching English as a foreign language, at least take time to learn a few things to get ready for the challenge It is essential that you only walk into the career when you have enough knowledge about what is involved. Sign up for a TEFL course to aid you through.

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