5 Ways Startups Attract and Retain Young Millennials

Millennials can be loyal and energetic workers. Many companies have a hard time attracting and retaining Millennials. Young adults see the differences between themselves and older coworkers. Startups need to focus on attracting and retaining millennials in the workplace using the right strategies, and they can do that by making sure that millennials are content with their job.

Encourage The Lattice Instead of The Corporate Ladder

Most millennials are embracing horizontal career moves. A few decades ago, workers focused on a vertical career trajectory. The millennial generation in the workplace mainly focuses on a lattice career path. Today, young workers have a cross-functional set of skills. Many talented millennials are social media managers and web developers. In the near future, talented millennials will be highly skilled senior managers.

Promote Entrepreneurship

Millennials are computer savvy, and they are social butterflies. Innovative companies can attract and retain talented millennials. Many millennials are frustrated with the economy, and a large percentage of millennials want to be entrepreneurs. To retain talented millennials, companies should offer positions that embrace entrepreneurship.

Focus on Technology, not Solely on Money

Millennials love technology. They grew up with mobile phones and computers. For most millennials, technology is a necessity. Many startups want their employees to use social media. Millennials are comfortable promoting products on their social media accounts. They want to make videos and send instant messages.

Emerge Health and Wellness Tech

Millennials care about health and fitness. They need their weekly yoga classes and daily meditation sessions. Some millennials use fitness apps to track their physical activity, and they want their employers to support their healthy lifestyle. Companies can offer monthly fitness challenges and healthy vending machine snacks.

Offer Flexible Working Conditions

Millennials value flexibility. Some millennials prefer teams, and some millennials want to work independently. They want flexible schedules. If the job can be completed outside of the office, millennials want to telecommute. Millennials will move to another company if their current employer does not offer a work-life balance.

For many companies, millennials changing the workplace will be an important topic for the next few years. Millennials value input and feedback. They want to receive constructive criticism on a regular basis. New employees want to be respected, and they want to be given specific goals. Millennials are more productive when they can measure their progress. When employers care about their employees, they can attract and retain millennials.

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