Starting a Laundry Business with Maytag | Laundromat Franchise

Starting a laundry business may require a lot of capital and risk. Instead of starting your own business, you can own a franchise business. Unless you are an experienced entrepreneur and investor, starting a franchise is less risky than starting your own company. As you begin to gain more experience from trial and errors, you can then start your own business under your own brand name.

Maytag commercial washing machine is the best go-to option for your franchise. Maytag has a wide range of coin-operated washing machines and is reliable. This allows you to leverage the brand name of the company. When you buy Maytag dryers and washing machines, it is easy to see why so many people love this brand. Not only does it have great design options for customers, but the quality is the best in the industry.

Maytag laundry appliances have been around for the last 100 years. The brand is known for its robust equipment, reliability, and quality performance. The company has been manufacturing coin-operated Maytag commercial laundry equipment since 1956. It offers a five-year, all-parts warranty on the equipment. This makes it a reliable brand for running your laundry business.

According to Maytag, here is a guide to get started in a laundry business.

Is there a demand for laundry services?

It is important to invest your money where there is demand for the services and a likely profit. In contrast with the notion that nearly everyone has a laundry machine at home, most people prefer using commercial laundry equipment. It is a lot cheaper to homeowners regarding water and electricity bills as well as the cost of maintenance.

This business is less affected by volatile economy or recession. This is because people will always have their clothing, stuffed toys, blankets, and linen cleaned no matter the financial hardships they may be facing.

Starting a laundry business

Before opening your laundry business, several things have to be in place to ensure smooth running, reduced operation costs, and profitability. Here are a few steps to get your business up and running.

Do a market survey

Determine the potential market for your laundry service. Who are your customers? How much do they earn in a month? Are the majority families or singles? Are you targeting college students, people who have rented apartments or busy professionals? You can find this information easily in the neighbourhood and among your friends.

Check if there are other laundry businesses in your area. How will you differentiate your business from the competition? Is there a gap in the service delivery? You can use different services to determine the quality of the services. Some of the ways you can differentiate your services include special pricing, making the premises more inviting, specialized services for a particular market and support services such as drink and detergent vending machines.

Determine the business location

The ideal location is that which is easily accessible by your prospective customers. Look for an office space in a location that is convenient to most of the people who may need your services. Look for a place where there is parking space and does not experience heavy traffic. Moreover, avoid opening your business close to a competing business, as it may take longer for your business to come up.

You may buy an existing business or join a franchise brand such as the Laundromat franchise. A franchise gives you instant brand recognition and helps you attract customers with less marketing effort.

Determine the cost of equipment

You would need coin–operated Maytag commercial laundry equipment. You will also need detergent vending machines, tables and laundry carts. Buy Maytag dryer too. The Maytag coin dryer has good performance, offers convenience to your customers, and is easy to maintain. It is also good to have chairs and tables where your clients can relax as they wait for the clothing to be ready. Shop around for good deals in the market. You can do the shopping online.

Get the right permits

You need a business license to run your business. You may also be required to have a health department permit, air and water pollution permit, and a permit from the fire department depending on your state. In addition to the permits, you will also pay for water and sewer connection as well as the electrical connection fee.

Market the business

Let the target market know of your services. Advertise both locally and online. Local advertising can be in the form of LED lights, brochures, and door hangers on the targeted apartment buildings. Entice your customers to the business by such methods as free internet, comfortable couches, and free parking.

Online advertising can take the form of opening a social media page on Facebook or Twitter, opening a website and buying ads on the search engines. You can also market in the local online newspapers. Connect with the target customers online and take them to your business page.

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