Social Media Wall – An Event Engagement Booster

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It has never been a child’s play to bring in new content to engage users in an event like conferences, product launches, brand activations, concerts, festivals, etc. Occasionally, even though organisers put in many efforts to get their guests to post at the time of the events it’s not always possible to get their attention.

Social Wall plays an important role in this instance. It collects content from various social media platforms and integrates them to form a specialized wall to engage more users. In this era, where everyone wants to be at the centre of everything, a social wall of events makes it easier for brands to showcase content by users.

What is a Social Media Wall?

It is live or a collection of filtered feeds of posts from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that are displayed using digital signage. Posts are collected using a specific hashtag or handle which are then directed to the display and is updated with new content automatically.

The content may include texts, photos, videos or a combination of them. Social Wall integrates all social media posts in one place. One can moderate which posts are shown and highlight the ones that are favourable to the brand.

Benefits of using Social Media Wall:

1. Reach your Audience Beyond the Venue

Popularity of social media is well known, but bringing it to an offline event in real-time becomes a crowd-pleaser. It attracts more in event audiences and encourages them to be a part of the brand by posting about the occasion.

Many a time, a user of your brand may or may not be at the event that is showcasing the social media wall. But it can be integrated into your website, social media handles, etc, where anyone and everyone can access and share it.

Using hashtags and handles while posting on platforms can extend your event’s overall social media reach far beyond the venue.

2. Escalate User-Engagement

Presence of a social media wall at events attracts the audience by building curiosity and interest. It showcases the posts by people in an instant which makes them feel like a part of the event.

Their posts are visible to the whole audience that is connected to the brand, fulfilling their want to be recognized. 

You can use it to have panel discussions, conversations and real-time Q&A sessions, where questions or viewpoints can be posted by users, and experts can answer that.

3. Revenue Generation through Sponsors and Promotions

The concept of a social wall is new and creative, which attracts sponsors for an event. It can be used to promote interested sponsors. Using social media wall makes it easier to promote sponsors by using the tool to show full-screen announcements, stickers, banners, & custom branded posts without adding to the cost of new technology.

4. Drives Entertainment

To attract a wider audience and escalate user-engagement, a brand must keep in mind the entertainment value of the event.

Social Media Wall can play the role of an entertainer at any event, where you just have to encourage the audience to share their images, reviews, videos, etc, using a specific hashtag on their social media accounts.

These posts will then be aggregated in real-time and displayed at the occasion.

5. Creates Social Proof

Any post about an event acts as social proof that it was a success. When any user supports your brand online, they act as brand ambassadors and convey the information of the event, in addition to having fun.

One can use it on their websites and social media handles to showcase the moment people said were the most fun. The social proof will help build a positive image and identity of the brand.

6. Community Building

Every brand has specific hashtags and accounts that a customer uses to post about the event. These hashtags and accounts give them a platform to communicate with different users of the product. Thus, increasing brand loyalty.

People can come together and talk using these platforms, which helps them enjoy the sense of community. Since using hashtags increases the brand’s reach, it attracts people to be a part of the community as well.


Social Media Wall can be used at various events corporate or not. It serves many benefits. 

Social Media Wall can reach people beyond the venue of the event, making the brand more significant. It gives people access to the happenings of the event and allows them to share it.

It helps to increase user engagement by making the event more attractive and makes them feel connected to the brand. The technological element makes the offline occasion entertaining like any online platform.

Social Media Wall helps promote the sponsors which in turn helps generate more revenue for the brand. It helps to create social proof while making the users ambassadors of the product or service. Finally, it also helps build a community that brings along with it brand loyalty and reach.

With so many benefits, a brand can make Social Media Wall a necessary element for all its events. What are you waiting for?

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