Release of Artificial Intelligence and the Dynamics 365 In 2018

The world tech market is excited for the capabilities of the latest updated version of Dynamics 365 software. This new software is loaded with new exciting artificial intelligence features. Most of the people related artificial intelligence with machine learning. But here is a slight difference between machine learning and human intelligence. Humans have natural intelligence, on the other side machines are programmed to think and learn. This is what Microsoft is offering in its upcoming Dynamics 365 software. It includes a wealth of AI features for customer service, sales, and market insights. A user can access some features as preview item but all the features will be available for its general user when this software will be available for general use. Recently, Microsoft made a slight change to the way it manages cloud updates for Dynamics 365 which will now require all users to be on the same version with no option to skip an update.

Here are some amazing artificial intelligent features of Dynamics 365 Version 9.1:

Artificial intelligence for Sales Person

If your working domain is in sales, you interact with so many people over a period of time. Sometimes it is very hard to memorize every small detail from the phone call you made yesterday. So this software is ready to solve this problem for the salespeople. Dynamics 365 includes some interesting features like a seller experience to help salespeople identify colleagues who can introduce them to leads, start a conversation with leads by extracting potential talking points on causal topics like sports, health, family, based on past communications.

For a sales manager, this software provides actionable insights from sales data, including a home page with answers to most common questions about team performance, natural language processing-based question and answers for making a question and receiving reports from sales data, pipeline analysis, and team performance analysis. It will also help to find out individual scorecards, richer sales activity using relationship analytics to connect data from Microsoft exchange and Dynamics 365 graphs.

Intelligence Call Feature

This is also an interesting feature that will be available in preview mode only. By the help of this feature, you can call center telephony systems to be connected to Dynamics 365. This functionality will allow managers insights into their employee conversations with a customer on a specific field. Call statistics based on sentiments, keywords mentions will be available for the manager. With the help of call intelligence, verbal communication can be easily analyzed as well as email and text sentiment will also be available. Managers can easily understand talk-to-listen ratios and longer customer monologue. Surely, such kind of AI features will change the way you do business. You will be able to provide your dedicated sales team with better analytics and allow them to focus on a better relationship with better customers that will lead to more deals successfully.

Notes Analysis

Every business person knows the importance of personal assistant. They play a very vital role in the productivity and effective time management. Same goes with this intelligent Dynamics 365, note analysis feature will almost act as your personal assistant by providing intelligence insight while taking the notes. It will analyze your past interactions and suggest additional steps such creating follow up tasks or upcoming appointments to boost your productivity.

Helps in Lead and Opportunity Scoring

Lead scoring is also an important part of the business organization. Your leads are scored through so many factors that you or your business organization define. The new feature of intelligent lead scoring will help you determine if your leads will turn into an opportunity and finally your opportunities will turn into sales. Another additional feature, the system will also assist you with key factors as to why the lead or opportunity was assigned to the score. This software also helps you to focus on such deals that they are more likely to win.

Optimize Scheduling

This system includes a new Crew scheduling option that will group people and other resources together for a specific period of time, designed to create a system to allocate a team for a single task during the day. It will also assist to use resource capacity to match work order effort required with available capacity.

Social Engagement

This new feature has been added to this Dynamics 365 software to help new users quickly get started with Microsoft social engagement. According to Microsoft, this will include a guided experience to set-up search topics. Historical data will be acquired and loaded instantly after the set-up.

Unified Interface

In the new update of Dynamics 365, Microsoft introduced a new Unified Client Interface for Dynamics 365 service providers that uses a responsive design to provide a uniform interface and experience across any screen, device or browser. This Unified interface is the future of this product and maybe Microsoft will switch off the classic web user interface in the future.

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