5 Office Fitout Ideas to Maximise A Small Office Space

As you start your business, making certain sacrifices are necessary to get your organization up and running. In some cases, this may mean operating out of a smaller space than you would prefer and productive office fitout ideas. In realizing that workplace design has become one of the business success factors, you may be concerned that a smaller space will negatively impact productivity. Fortunately, new alternatives in office design can help you create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and boost office efficiency.

Storage Helps Make the Most Out of Limited Space

When you are brainstorming for office design ideas, don’t forget to consider adding plenty of storage space. While the traditional shelving you can buy at most stores may not suit your needs, customizing them may help you make the most of wall space.

Providing additional wall storage will limit the size of the work area each employee needs, so custom building storage with multipurpose well-designed wooden furniture and open-faced wall shelves can make efficient use of the space you do have available. Even a partition can double as storage space without closing off work areas.

Transparency Helps Keep the Space Open

If office space is at a premium and each work area will be relatively small, installing a series of walls and privacy partitions can leave your staff feeling cramped. A preferable alternative to designing your office layout is to utilize transparent partitions in establishing each work area. It may be desirable to outline each office with partitions, but, at the same time, you don’t want to obstruct the floor plan.

Glass partitions help designate each employee’s work area without creating visual obstructions that can inhibit traffic flow. The glass partitions will be sufficient enough to block sound from travelling from one workspace to another, while also giving each employee their own area. More opaque materials should be used only in low-lying partitions, because they help establish the outline of the office space without congesting the open feel of the area.

Create a Communication Center

A limited amount of space can be especially frustrating with various conversations going on all at once. To avoid the distractions this causes, many small business owners are using privacy pods to create a designated communications area. When your employees need to make a call or participate in a video conference, a privacy pod lets them communicate without distracting others.

Privacy pods are small booths that are designed with a seat and tabletop, all constructed out of soundproof materials. Each pod is the right size to accommodate just one person and takes up a very small amount of space. You can install privacy pods in one portion of the available space, leaving the rest of the office space quiet and conducive to productivity.

Fitouts are Ideal for Reshaping the Space

Remodelling an office space can be expensive and time-consuming, but there is a more efficient way to create the office interior design you want. Many companies opt for installing fitouts that can recreate a more professional setting and provide a workspace that promotes efficiency. Many office design and fitout companies offer a variety of styles, so finding something to suit your tastes shouldn’t be a problem.

There are office fitout ideas to cater to almost every need, whether you want to create individual private offices or one large workstation for anyone to use. Many models make use of recycled wood and other low-cost materials, making a fitout the most cost-effective alternative to constructing an office area from scratch. Each fitout can be customized and will be made with the highest dedication to quality. This means only you will know the offices were assembled with fitouts and not constructed by an on-site crew.

Maximize Space with Split-Level Flooring

Finally, you can double the size of your office space by adding split-level flooring. The most important thing to realize with this option is that attention will focus on the steps, so you will want them to be attractive, durable, and strong. Once the second level is installed, more fitouts can be added to improve the appearance and functionality of the newly-installed second tier. This can be a cost-effective way of providing more office space on a tight budget.

When floor space is limited, you can make cramped office space seem larger and spacious with a few interior design tricks. Transparent partitions, split-level flooring, and installing fitouts are just some of the ways you can make the most of limited space. By taking advantage of some of these suggestions, you can create office space that’s comfortable, open, and conducive to productivity.

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