Leadership Development in Young People


Because young entrepreneurs haven’t climbed up the ranks through an organization, they miss out on valuable experience and thus need more help and guidance when it comes to developing leadership skills. Oftentimes, an older person can give a young entrepreneur valuable advice that was gained from experience. The challenge is learning how to tell when the more experienced individual is correct and when the innovative young entrepreneur is. Entrepreneurial youth who want to develop their leadership skills should implement the following:

1. Acknowledge Their Weaknesses and Hire People with Those Strengths

A key quality of a good leader is he knows his weaknesses and strengths. Because he knows the areas he’s lacking in, he builds a team that makes up for those weak spots. Young entrepreneurs shouldn’t waste time trying to be and do everything. They must use their strengths to their advantage while delegating weaknesses to others.


2. Find a Mentor

All good leaders had a good mentor. A mentor has been where the entrepreneur wants to go or has a necessary skill or trait that the young entrepreneur needs to develop. For example, if a young entrepreneur seeks to improve his leadership skills, he should find a mentor who is a good leader. That would be the best person to learn from.


3. Consistently Improve

Thirdly, young entrepreneurs must get into the habit of consistently improving themselves – not only their business skills but the traits that differentiate entrepreneurs and leaders from the rest, such as confidence, discipline, and adaptability. When an entrepreneur fails to dedicate time to learn more and become better at everything he does, he starts to fall behind. It could eventually result in complete business failure. To speed up the process of becoming a better leader, young entrepreneurs can enroll in leadership development programs.


Leadership development in young people is important because they help pave the way for our future. Many young people jump into entrepreneurship with high hopes only to get knocked down when it’s harder than they originally thought. Among the many skills it takes to survive in the entrepreneurial world, leadership is one of them. Entrepreneurs are never truly a one-man team, because they need the help of others to reach certain levels. A business cannot go far with just one person.