How You Can Encourage Your Customers To Write Positive Reviews

how to encourage positive reviews

E-commerce has revolutionised the retail industry. It is one of the best business ideas of the modern age. The option to buy merchandise online has made shopping more convenient for consumers around the world.

In the past companies had to spend enormous amounts on billboard ads, commercials and other fees to get celebrities to endorse their products. Now all an online seller really needs are good reviews.

Only two out of every one hundred customers are likely to write a review. Organic reviews simply take too long to help a business grow. Stay ahead of the competition and entice customers to write reviews.

Why strive to get customer reviews?

The more good reviews a product has, the better it will rank in the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). Sellers that make it to the first page of the SERP generate more sales than their competition.

When customers shop on Amazon, eBay or any other marketplace, they search for a product the product they want. The results page pulls up then they would proceed to look through each listing on the first page.

Most experienced online shoppers make it a point to read through product reviews before deciding on a purchase. Customers like reading reviews because it provides them with the different perspectives of their fellow shoppers.

Online shoppers are more inclined to trust sellers that have positive reviews than sellers that don’t have any at all.

Best Methods to generate Good reviews

Merely selling customers a good product is not enough for them to want to share their experience with the world. Sellers that want their customers to be proud enough to write a positive review need to go the extra mile for their customers.

Online shoppers want to feel good about their purchase. Make each customer feel that they are special and that they made the right choice with their purchase. These are some of the most effective methods to fish for good reviews.

Excellent customer service

customer service

It just makes sense to give each customer spectacular customer service. Some sellers make the mistake of dropping the ball after they make a sale. After sales service is equally important as the sale itself.

If a customer reaches out with an issue about their purchase, promptly respond with a solution. It is the most productive course of action for a seller, would be to resolve their customer’s concern, no matter how big or small it is.

Keep in mind that an unhappy customer will vent their frustration by writing a bad review. An online seller can only take so much negative feedback until their reputation becomes unsalvageable. Be generous in resolving every customer’s concern.

Doing so will go a long way toward customer satisfaction which will lead to positive feedback or good reviews. If a customer claims that the product is defective, ask some questions and if needed, send them a replacement unit right away.

Some dissatisfied customers would insist on just returning the product for a credit back on their account. Always be courteous and when possible generous to the customer. Issue the credit and allow them to keep the product.

It may cost the price of one unit, but that experience will stay with the customer. They may take it upon themselves to write a good review, spread the word to their friends and even become a repeat customer.

Being short-sighted and only thinking about making the sale will be detrimental to any business.  Bad customer service will not only ruin seller rating but damage the reputation of the entire company. If the negative review was made on Amazon there are methods you can use to remove the feeback.

Make the maximum effort and provide excellent customer service. Going the extra mile for customers will ensure a prosperous future for the business.

Provide value to the customer

Customers love getting a good deal. Imagine how pleasantly surprised they would be when they receive their product and get a bonus item with their order.

Providing customers with a complimentary item that will enhance their experience when using the product they purchased is a fantastic way to add value. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant item but something useful to the customer.

The free item can even be a mini ebook about the different options on how to use the product they bought. As long as customers feel like they got an excellent deal, they will want to share that with the rest of the world by writing a good review.

Follow up email

email follow up

The power of a simple personalised email can move veteran online shoppers to write a review. Customers like to feel special, and it is the job of the seller to do that. They want to be assured that their order is on the way and that they have nothing to worry about.

Sending them a simple email notification letting them know that it’s on the way and how excited the company is for them to receive the product. The email can also proactively offer to resolve any concerns the customer may have with the product.

That straightforward offer to address any issue will make the customer reach out first to the seller before venting their concerns by writing a bad review.  Some customers may not respond to an initial email.

Merely initiate an automatic drip campaign using email auto-responders to send customers personalised emails during critical intervals. The first one upon ordering the product, second when their order has been delivered and third three days to one week upon delivery.

The last email can even have a request for the customer to submit a review if they are indeed happy with their order. Another email can also send the customer a coupon to be used for their next purchase.

Social Media Influencers

Consider using social media influencers. They can review products on their channel and that exposure to their network of followers will undoubtedly generate sales as well as reviews. Search for influencers that specialise in the product niche and contact them.

Offer to send them a product for free in exchange for their honest review. Most influencers that have followers in the tens of thousands will charge a fee for their services. Pay their price, it will be well worth the investment to get the product exposed and on their channel.

Sellers need to send influencers only high-quality products or else this method could backfire. Prepare adequate stock of the product as this method if done correctly will generate a wave of sales.

If the wave of customers is satisfied with their purchase and the methods above are accomplished then they will write a positive review.


Always make customers happy by going the extra mile and adding value to their purchase. Providing them with excellent customer service goes a long way for when customers want to write a good review. Sending them personalised emails asking for offering to resolve any of their concerns and asking for their valued feedback is an excellent way to generate reviews.

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