How Weird National Days are used to Gain Social Presence

When we talk about national days, the first few thoughts that cross our minds are independence day, valentine’s day, labour day, mother’s day, father’s days and even teacher’s day. And whenever these are close by, businesses around the world start launching ads and publish content on social media platforms in relation to these national days. Trust me; it does bring in good business. Although, today instead of looking at ordinary national days, we are going to focus on how top B2C and B2B brands like Amazon, Exporthub, Google and Zappos use all the weird so-called national days to boost their social presence.

Here are some of the weirdest national days and how businesses use them in their B2C or B2B marketing plan.

1. National Doughnut Day

This day is celebrated on the first Friday of June. Now, if you are running a donut joint, this day will be the best one for you as you can use it to promote your products. You can give out free donuts, reduce your prices for the day or even launch special deals on that day. However, what’s in it for the world’s number one search engine, Google? Or a company that is focused on selling electronic gadgets like Sony?

When it comes to B2C or B2B marketing, experts try everything they can to lure customers towards them. As a business owner you can use the hashtag #NationalDonutDay, and have your post appear to all those interested in this trend. – Not a bad way to increase your followers on Twitter and Facebook.

2. National Friendship Day

The National Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. It’s a day dedicated to appreciating your loyal friends. People around the world are seen sharing friendship bracelets on this day. However, relating this day to your business is much trickier then Donut Day.

However, if done correctly, it can become a game changer for you leading to immense social media engagement. If you don’t believe me, take a look at how our favorite pizza brand, Pizza Hut used this day to increase their social presence on Twitter.

Similarly, one of the top departmental stores in the USA has also played their part in using friendship day to promote their brand, even though there isn’t any direct connection.

3. International Coffee Day

Who doesn’t love coffee? If you are a coffee addict and you don’t know that the international coffee day is celebrated in the 27th September, it’s a shame! When we talk about coffee, brands like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, McCafe and Dunkin’ Donuts pop up in our minds. And you’d mostly expect these brand to talk about this national day as basically that’s what they are selling.

However, one of the top B2B marketplaces, Amazon also felt the need to use this day to promote one of their products.

4. Black Friday

The day every shopper waits for throughout the year! Black Friday sales are held on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It basically marks the beginning for the Christmas shopping season. You can get your favorite products from top brands on amazing prices due to hefty discounts. Even though every year we hear major online stores break records during this season, it doesn’t mean that small and medium-sized businesses can’t play their part.

Many small brands tend to start their offers a few days before Black Friday. That way, customers will develop a feeling of urgency and buy right away before the limited stock finishes. In addition to that, many B2B brands also get involved in hosting this sale. The underlying reason behind dropping prices isn’t to generate more revenue. In fact, in most cases, companies even incur a loss on various products by selling below cost. For example, companies like Wenzhou Gedele Electric Fitting CO., LTD, have always reduced their prices significantly during Black Friday Week.

They do that to market their brand as well as gain social presence. If they managed to build good relationships with their customers, they’d prefer coming back to buy more products even when prices aren’t reduced. One of the leading online footwear stores, Zappos has used this day to promote a social cause they are working on in addition, to posting a funny clip.

5. Small Business Saturday

While Black Friday helps more prominent brands achieve their sales targets, Small Business Saturday is a national day dedicated to those businesses that are small and have single owners. This day was first recognized back in 2010 thanks to American Express’s efforts. Thanks to this day small companies can compete against all popular brands which mostly lead during Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales.

Luckily, in order to sell your products, you don’t really need any direct connection with these specific days. All you need to do is focus on grabbing the opportunity with a well-planned social media campaign whenever these national days arrive.

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