How to Prevent Major Security Risks Small Businesses Face

security risks

Starting a business is a lengthy process which includes a variety of different actions you should take and a lot for you to worry about. Make sure your business planning includes security as business owners tend to oversee it or postpone it. It includes several important fields you need to look into.

Choosing the right location

Number one security measure to reduce all security risks is choosing the right location, referring to the neighborhood. Unless you want to start a business in a certain location for a specific reason, you should look into business space in a reputable neighborhood. By choosing to operate in an area with a low crime rate you will take initial steps against break-ins and shoplifting.


Having mentioned the possibility of your customers stealing your inventory it is worth mentioning that there are also ways you can protect your business without offending the customers. You do not have to look like a high-security facility. You can place tags on your products, keep valuable items in locked display windows, and perhaps, choose a front door which is not automatic. Unless you have really fast reflexes, it is almost impossible to lock the automatic door in time before it lets the shop-lifter out.

Internal control

This is another instance where you have to willingly allow in people you do not necessarily trust. One of the first precautions you can take is to have trustworthy employees. Try to be very careful when judging character and always speak to previous employers when hiring. Also, try creating an atmosphere of trust in the workplace and give your workers no reason to resent you or the business.

Keep a close eye on your inventory and your finances as these can give warning signs for many things going wrong with a business. More than one person should handle any important financial matters. It is also worth mentioning that you should limit the number of people with access to keys and make sure that only certain people can get into certain areas. Keep logs of everything, the keys, the safe etc.

Building security

office security

When it comes to the security of the actual office or shop you are running, there is a vast variety of options you can choose out of. The most important thing, in general, is not to overlook security and implement at least some of them. As a small business owner, you probably have a limited budget for this, so high-tech features are usually out of the question.

However, some basic things could have you covered. Install an alarm system against burglary, breaking glass, and fire with a powerful strobe light to attract attention and possibly confuse an intruder. Place lights at all entrances and parking lots leading to your business. Use security doors and locks, and even folding metal gates if necessary.

The vehicles

Your commercial vehicles are also at risk. You should have an alarm system and one of the protective devices which locks the steering wheel or the wheels. There is a vast variety of them available on the market now. Get an insurance policy which will not only keep you safe from the losses incurred through damage, but also through theft.


cyber crime

We live in a digital area and your business being a small one, is perfect for hackers. You probably do not own data important for national security, but they are important for the business you run. It is not a rare instance that businesses have their computers, servers, and data hijacked with hackers asking for ransom. Also, with your financial data compromised, you could have your accounts cleared before you even notice it. If you have a client database, you could be exposing their data as well. You should educate your employees on how to handle sensitive data and hire an IT company which can help you implement the right security protocols.

As a business owner, you should never take the security of your business lightly. Losses due to poor security could constantly drag your business backward, or even cause you to lose everything. After having taken all the necessary precautions, you should also make sure you get the right insurance policy. This way you will be minimizing the losses when things go wrong.

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