Food Packaging Machinery Market Expected to Grow to 2021

Even though the world economy is spotty in places, the food packaging industry is expected to turn in another strong year next year. Part of the reason that it has such upside is that demand remains fairly stable. It is also the case that there is currently a lot of innovative technology that underpins potential industry expansion.

Here are some of the innovative types of food packaging machines and equipment that will help the industry grow in 2021:


For decades, we filled up landfills with styrofoam and other pollutants and then things changed. States passed stringent laws and packaging and the associated machines changed so that more types of packaging would end up being biodegradable within a reasonable amount of time. Today, with many types of packaging now fairly recyclable, entrepreneurs are pushing the envelope and creating new types of materials that can integrate into your lifestyle. One example is a biodegradable bowl for restaurants that is created from carefully layered paper. It works well for soups, sauces, sandwiches and other snacks. Its key feature is the ability to biodegrade quickly, making it possible to use it as a planter in your garden after you have eaten your meal.

Another type of recyclable that is driving growth in the packaging industry is paper. Cardboard and heavy paper have actually long been available as packaging options- although they have never been the market leader for most vendors of commercial food packaging and shipping supplies. The reason for this on the restaurant side is partially because they are not as physically as attractive as embossed paper or other materials can be. Just the same, there is a trend that will continue into 2021 for them to be put to greater use.

Integrated Production Equipment

When it comes to purchasing the typical food packaging machine, the software that drives it is often aware of the production environment at a level that goes beyond a basic capability of manufacturing a certain product based upon the parameters that are provided for it by the operator. In fact, it is typical for manufacturers to integrate their system so that it can control your entire production process and ensure that it is automated.

One of the advantages of automation is that it can make your work environment safer because there aren’t going to be people that risk contaminating the environment when they are sick or make a mistake. You simply allow you workers to focus on something else that adds value to your company.

The type of equipment that many companies plan to consider in 2021 takes automation a step further because in places like California, there are minimum wage hikes planned. With the new generation food packaging machines and equipment, the entire production process can be automated, allowing restaurants and other locations that want to optimize processes with salary costs.

Merger End Products

As there currently is a buying spree or a feeding frenzy going on in the packaging industry, the winners may very well be firms that are able to put together industry leading components and leverage the resulting synergy in 2021. The notion for customers is different from software integration by itself because the engineers for the new combined companies are tasked with making it easy for users to use a much expanded set of features while maintaining high quality standards. The result will often provide purchasers with a better ROI than they would have if they purchased from vendors that were not expanding.

2021 should continue a strong market for the food packaging industry. Companies that build a solid set of requirements that are derived from industry best practices will come out ahead when purchasing in this environment.

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