5 Inexpensive Ways for Small Businesses to Attract New Customers

Small business owners everywhere know how difficult it is to keep their business afloat, let alone drive it to a point of great profitability and success. Regardless how great a company’s products or services are it all still boils down to having the customers want to pay for them.

If there are no customers, you can hardly call your business successful, even though it may appear to be so on social media or otherwise. When you think about it even more, you’ll see that it comes down to finding efficient and inexpensive ways to attract new customers. This is why we’ve compiled a list of five ways for your business to successfully build a new customer base:

1. Sales and Discounts Never Disappoint

One mistake entrepreneurs sometimes make is to assume that offering their products or services on discount is cheapening their value in the eye of the customers. This couldn’t be further from the truth – on the contrary, when people buy discounted items or services they do so because they actually appreciate their value and would love to pay less on something that is worth so much more.

Additionally, this is a great way for your brand to get publicized and reach more potential customers. You’d be surprised what sale events can do in terms of marketing for your brand. The point is to get more customers engaged with your products or services – if they are good value, customers will keep coming back and referring you through word of mouth.

2. Print Is Not Dead and You Should Still Take Advantage of It

What you probably don’t know is that even though most businesses mostly focus on and pay hefty amounts of money for all sorts of online advertising campaigns, they still rely on print advertising to expand and consolidate their customer base. This is because print advertising still holds tremendous marketing potential.

If some decades ago it was all about giving out your business card and hanging a sign above your door, print requirements have now changed and entrepreneurs need to keep up with them. Nowadays you can also advertise your brand on vehicles by applying easily removable wraps that you don’t need to keep forever in place. You can also consider printing branded mugs, T-shirts, USB sticks and pens that you can give away for free, in contests or to reward your most loyal customers.

3. Jump on the Social Media Train

OK, you may already have a Facebook page for your business. But have you considered really taking your social media game to the next level? This means also jumping on the Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram bandwagon. Depending on the nature of your business, you can find the channels that are most suited to do it justice.

If you choose Instagram, for example, pay attention to its visual nature and make the most out of it there by uploading high-quality pictures and keeping a cohesive profile.  Make sure to use all its features, such as the Insta Stories one which allows you to post a story for only 24 hours or the live video feature, which enables you to attract your most loyal customers, as well as potential new ones. The key is to really engage with your audience, be genuine and get to know them too.

4. Get Them Talking With a Fabulous Contest

There’s no doubt that everyone loves to win something, regardless of what that is. It’s simply in our nature to jump for joy when we’ve beaten the odds or even our peers in a competition, even if it was out of pure luck.

This is why contests never fail businesses that want to attract new customers and get their brand across. The secret is to organize a giveaway for a product or service that’s attractive to customers, so they’ll want to join in and create a buzz about it. However, you do need to make sure the product you’re giving away is something that you can afford and the whole contest project doesn’t end up burning through your finances.

5. Don’t Shy Away From Paid Social Media Advertising

As more and more people spend their lives on the internet, it only makes sense for you and your business to move there too. But simply moving there with a website or a Facebook page and waiting for customers to magically come knocking on your door is very risky and idealistic.

The recommended route and one that many businesses take is that of paid online advertising.  Whether it’s Google’s Adwords program or Facebook’s paid ads program, if done well, such a campaign can reel in the customers you want, targeted according to your company’s needs.

These are only a few efficient and cost-effective for small businesses to attract new customers and gain a stronger customer base. However, you shouldn’t only resort to just one of them. On the contrary, the more you use together, the greater the chances will be for you to actually see significant results.

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