4 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Staff Will Love

Even with all the resources in the world, no company can survive with the most valuable resource — a team. A motivated team can refine even the most mediocre idea in the world. Employees define your success story. Unfortunately, few employees want to stay in a dull environment. They want to feel wanted, loved, and appreciated. It is imperative to know how to reward employees, but it is not easy.

However, there are many ways to reward employees without giving money. Whatever ideas you have, make them genuine and public. The element of surprise is also suitable for the moment. Here are a few ideas you can try out.

Celebrate Milestones with a Company or Team Event

Some of the most pleasant employee appreciation ideas are simple. Companies set goals and objectives every year. Some have monthly, weekly and even daily targets. Meeting these targets requires employees to work round the clock. Appreciating the effort is the right thing to do. You can host a simple cookout, a picnic, or even a full-blown company event.

Let the employee know that you are celebrating their effort. Make the events memorable by taking them to places they may not afford on their own. A day out can rejuvenate your staff in unimaginable ways, especially if it is combined with team bonding exercises.

Give Unusual Rewards

Occasionally, you need something bold when it comes to appreciation. You can start with a trophy for your hardworking employee or team. Be audacious with your team appreciation ideas. For example, think of buying a prize draw to win a car. And, buy it from a charitable organization. Prize draws is a fun way to put money to charity while still getting the kind of excitement we all want once in awhile.

But, don’t overthink the rewards, start by recognizing simple things such as work anniversaries and birthdays. At least know something about your employee before you make a move. A customized mug can go a long way. A framed caricature or 3D portrait can also work.

Implement Their Suggestions for Improvement

Employees will be open to you about some of the improvements that you can make at work. Those enhancements are more important than a personal or team reward. If it makes their job more comfortable, you can bet it is more valuable than any other team appreciation ideas you may have.

Implement their suggestions. Let them know that you listen and care. Thank those who shared the problem and encourage others to emulate them. If your employees get to work very early, they may suggest a coffee machine in the office to beat the morning cold. That is a sensible request. You can add a snack too for those who would want a morning bite.

Invest In Career Progressions

Employees stay where they can see a bright future. Reward employees who give more with career progression opportunities. You can send them to a management-training program or for a mentorship program with your top employees. You will encourage others to be helpful to their peers or juniors. Skill development improves employee confidence, which positively influences performance.


Keep your employee appreciation ideas personal. You can ask your employees about the things they would want. Let the receiver feel that you genuinely went beyond and above your mandate to make them feel appreciated.

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