7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture in Your Workplace

Millions of recyclable workplace materials end up in landfills and furniture is leading the pack. It is easy to find a storage unit or recycle common workplace waste such as sawdust and wood chips. However, most workplace owners do not know the best way to get rid of old furniture including eco-friendly methods.

Here are suggestions of the environmentally friendly ways on how to get rid of old furniture in the workplace:

1. Give Away

You may be done with the old furniture, but someone can still find a use for it. Ask your friends, neighbours or family members if they are interested in your old furniture, or know someone who needs it. You can also give it away to the homeless and the destitute in your neighbourhood.

2. Donate to Charity Shops

Sometimes, it might be hard to find someone to give the chair or table directly. You might be too busy or in a new neighbourhood. In such a case, the best way to get rid of unwanted furniture is to donate it to a charity group or charity shop. Most of them today accept old furniture, refurbish them and then resell to support their projects. You can take part in this initiative by donating your used furniture.

3. Sell It

If you are closing your workplace or changing location, chances are you have some metallic furniture that you will not need. You can sell these unwanted metals to scrap dealers. A scrap metal dealer will melt it down to ferrous scrap and non-ferrous scrap. The metal is recycled for various purposes, and this is good for the environment.

A niche to explore when selling used furniture is that of start-up businesses. They need furniture but often do not have the financial muscle to afford a new one. Consequently, most of them will accept your offer as long as the chair or table is in proper condition. Acting academies and theatres are also good customers for used furniture. They will always have plays that require vintage or rugged furniture.

4. Remodel

It is common to have a sentimental attachment to some of your workplace items. They may be gifts from your old man when you were starting or reminds you of an important person or event. As a result, you might find it hard to get rid of in spite of their tattered condition. Well, reupholster it.

Take your chair to a furniture restoration shop and let the experts give it a brand new look. This way, you will preserve your good old memories.

5. Trade-In

Trade in is common in the car business, where you take your old car to the dealership to cover for part of the cost of a new car. You can do the same with your workplace chair. Visit furniture store close to you and find out if they accept trade-ins. Where possible, remodel your furniture before offering it for a trade-in. It will increase its exchange value.

6. Repurpose

Another excellent way of disposing of old furniture is to change its usage. Some practical ways include changing the ladder into a hanger for towels, storing shoes in the old locker and using old couch pillows to make pet cribs. Additionally, you can use the couch in external sitting areas such as the porch or a garden shade. However, you will need to invest in some durable and water-resistant seat covers.

7. Use an Eco-Friendly Rubbish Collecting Company

It is not possible to reuse, give away, sell or remodel every piece of old workplace furniture in your workplace. However, you can dispose of it properly by opting for a company with eco-friendly rubbish disposal services. Most of them recycle and reuse up 92 per cent of the garbage they collect.

Visit or contact the waste collection companies in your locality and find out their waste handling procedures. Go with the one that uses the landfill as the last option for disposal.

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