Is CRM Dead In The Travel Industry?

CRM In Travel Industry

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the traditional ways to main a good relationship with the customer. It refers to consolidating multiple sources of data into one single window. But now with so many avenues to reach to the customer; with so many options to the customers to choose any company that they want, how relevant is CRM in the travel industry? Well, CRM is still required in industry till you try to use it to maintain a good relationship with your customer and do not try to control them. It is time to put CRM to better use to get your travel industry set. How? Try out the following ways.

Improve the Trust

The best way to use your CRM is plan an engagement with them. Use CRM to build trust; they should not just come to you in order to get a deal, they should come to seek assistance. If they believe you they will come back every time from your travel company; if they come just for business, they can shift to any other company once they get a better deal.

So how can you use CRM to build trust? Stop uninvited pop ups from your CRM to the customer. Take it away from the sales team as it is a relationship management tool and not a lead generation system.

Provide Quick Solutions

Use CRM to give your customer what they want with just a blink of an eye. It is quite obvious that a system can outperform human in terms of service speed and quality.

Ensure that CRM is used to make error free and fast online booking. This trust will bring back the customers to you even if you make few mistakes and will also refer your services to their friends and family.

Integrate the Delivery Systems

The core job of CRM always has been as a central data storage system. Do not eliminate CRM from this task. An organized set of high quality data is always primary to maintain integration amongst the various departments. This enables travel companies to deliver what they have promised to their clients.

Use CRM to track every interaction and use the information to provide customised solutions to them.

Reduce Manual Intervention

Do not just use CRM to get customer intervention but use the data to automate services. The CRM tool can help you get reports automatically and cover absenteeism in cases where your clients need immediate action. The reports are very precise and the analysis can also help the travel agency determine its current performance. Travel companies can take necessary actions based on the information available in the CRM tools to improve their brand image.

Last but not the least; try to have a healthy relationship with the organization and not just with anyone of the staff. As, if the individual leaves, the trust which you built will also leave. Again you have to re-create the relationship with some other staff of the company and hence it is always better to have a trustworthy relationship with the organization.

So CRM still benefits the travel industry by

  • Managing clients more efficiently.
  • Getting more responsive to customer needs.
  • Use leads for mass mailing.
  • Continuous communication with the customers.

So, in a service related industry like travel how can CRM become dead? The success of the company is directly related to customer satisfaction and Microsoft CRM development is the key to it. So how to get the best information from the same?

  • Give a membership- Until and unless the customer is member of your private level you cannot have proper understanding about what actually he/ she likes or hates about your service.
  • Integrate loyalty programmes with CRM- Generic loyalty programmes do not have much impact on customers and hence use CRM data to run loyalty programmes.
  • Multiple Links- Social media, websites, online surveys and blogs, there are multiple channels to get customer details and preferences. For this reason, it is necessary to link your CRM with as many data channels as available and possible.

CRM still has the potential to transform the travel industry. If you believe in holistic marketing you cannot ignore Customer Relationship Management.

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