How to Create a Productivity Boosting Workspace

modern workspace

modern workspace

You go to the office to work. You know that, your boss knows that, and probably the architect and the builders knew that. But somehow the space where people work is more than often utterly unsuitable for such a purpose. It seems that people who arrange it have decorativeness as the goal, and not boosting productivity. In reality, office space can have an impact on productivity, which we will see from the following examples.


Walls in homes are usually adorned with pictures. They have a purely aesthetic function, but office space cannot afford this kind of luxury. The artistic canvases where you work are called boards and they are functional. Whiteboards are useful for planning as all you need is a marker to set down your idea for everybody to see. Additionally, you can place sticky notes, adding to the vividness of the space. The best thing is that it is erasable, so new info can be posted each day.


Modern office spaces are constructed in a way that they are airy and allow natural light to enter. This means big windows, usually with a view. The problem occurs at night when the lighting does not keep up with the ergonomic office space design. Conventional lights contribute to the feeling of tiredness and drowsiness. Opting for high-temperature lighting is a much better solution, while blue is the color we recommend.


In madrasas, Islamic religious school, students read the Quran by swaying forward and backward. This is not without reason, as small repetitive physical activity boosts concentration. In the office, this means that it is highly desirable for employees to keep their hands busy with a fidget. Fidget spinners are in the vogue today, but a simple hand squeezer or an anti-stress ball does the trick as well.

Plant plants

It is a common fallacy that “urban” does not include nature. On the contrary, plants significantly contribute to a better working atmosphere. Needless to say, they pump in the oxygen, which is essential for the brain to work properly and maintain a high level of concentration. They clean the air which gets polluted by the use of modern air-conditioning systems.


The concept of open office space is not a new one and has always been known to increase the productivity. Workers who literally work close together tend to bond more easily. However, the issue of intimacy arises as well as the inability to concentrate due to the lack of isolation from the bustle of the office. This is where room dividers come in handy, but not just any type. If they are bolted down, that means extra cost when you want to reorganize the space. Best install portable room dividers which can be customized at will. Additionally, they might serve as boards for posting notes or writing on them.

The meeting room

The importance of company briefings and conferences is reflected in the fact that they require a special room to be held in. This cannot be a partition, but a room with special features, which many employers disregard. It should have excellent sound and light isolation. The furniture should be of better quality than in the rest of the office space and the overall design should differ from the rest of the company as well. The purpose of this is to instantly change the mindset of the people who enter it and to confer a sense of seriousness necessary for the big decisions made in the meeting room.

The height of the ceiling

It might seem odd, but even the height of the ceiling can contribute to productivity. This makes sense since claustrophobia is not a feeling you wish to develop in your employees. High ceilings give out the sense of openness which a worker’s mind follows and broadens his views. Special care should be given to door frames which tend to be lower than acceptable in older buildings. They need to be adjusted so as to prevent the workers from bumping their heads every time they go through a door.

As we have seen from all these suggestion, the office space should be an open, fun and light place. If people look forward to entering it every day and enjoying their stay there, then they are more likely to be productive.

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