Corporate Gifts Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

As a young entrepreneur, you want to send gifts of appreciation to clients, employees or vendors who make your business possible. Many corporate gifts can also be used as marketing tools as well. This isn’t your father’s business though, as a young boss, you want to find corporate gift ideas for employees that will be hip and fresh. It shouldn’t be an old-fashioned gift like cheap plastic cups with the company logo on it. Gifts for your employees should be thoughtful while expressing your appreciation.

Corporate Gifts
Spiritual Corporate Gifts for Employees

Inspirational Paperweights

Pewter paperweights are sleek gifts that can be inspirational to your employees. The pewter can be engraved with a personalised message or inspiration quote. It could be a quote that is personalised to the company too. An example of a beautiful, meaningful paperweight is this one¬†that reads “Believe.” It is very simple, but can be powerful.

Giving Wine as A Corporate Gifts

A terrific gift for your employees at the end of a long project or for a Christmas bonus is a great bottle of wine. The wine that you choose should be one that will be a hit with your employees. That might involve a few different wines from which they can choose. You can learn to pick a great wine with these tips.

Corporate Gifts
Classic Corporate Gifts Suitable in Any Occasion

Beer and Wine Opener

To go along with the perfect wine for your employees, you can give them a beer and wine opener. It’s a great gift that can be engraved with the company logo or with the person’s name to create a personalised gift that means something special. The opener is small enough to fit inside a case, so it can be taken on the road too. That’s great for salesmen or business executives who travel for the company.

Subscription-Based Gifts

Whether it’s a monthly book subscription to a service like GiftLit or a 6 month coffee subscription to MistoBox, subscription-based services are unusual corporate gift ideas that your employees will love. You’ll have to find a subscription service that all your employees will appreciate, or you can give them the option of picking between two choices. This can make a great Christmas gift for your employee’s too.

Engraved Leather Card Holder

For corporate gift ideas for men and women, you’ll need to consider items that they’ll both love like this engraved leather business card holder. The handmade leather holder can be engraved with the employee’s initials, which creates a gift that they know you’ve taken the time to personalise especially for them. You could also find a leather card holder that you can engrave with your business logo for employees. It’ll help promote your business as well as become a great Christmas gift.

Corporate Gifts
A Modern Way to Giving Corporate Gifts

Power Bank

Everyone has a smartphone or tablet, and if your business relies on mobile technology, a perfect gift for your employees is a power bank. It’s a great backup charger for when your employees are out of the office but they need to charge their phone to stay connected. The power bank comes in a variety of colours that can be chosen to complement your company branding as well as the ability to be engraved with the company name or logo. Your employees will love being able to charge their devices away from an outlet.

Flash Drive

Corporate gift ideas for men and women can be difficult unless you target their love of technology. With a young company involved in tech, you’ll need fun, innovative ideas for your gift-giving. Corporate gifts can be fun as well as functional especially when you choose a flash drive that is shaped like a credit card. A USB wooden credit card is easy to carry in a wallet where it’ll never be lost. They can be given out as tools for marketing since you can engrave any message you like on them.

Executive Decision Maker

For a bit of whimsy in your office, you can give unusual corporate gift ideas a try with the purchase of a spinning executive decision maker. The sleek yet sturdy metal is heavy enough to be used as a paperweight and looks great on a modern desk. You can spin the decision maker when you’re tired of making tough decisions and see what fate has to say. The decision maker can be engraved with a personalised message for your employees too.

Bamboo Desk Set

A simple and eco-friendly solution to desk organisation can be given with the purchase of a bamboo desk set. It can be laser engraved with any message or logo you desire. The organiser stores a smartphone, business cards and pens easily. Corporate gift ideas for employees don’t have to be extremely expensive. The unit price for the desk set drops with bulk purchases. This would make it a great gift for employees as well as clients and special vendors.

As a young leader, you should think outside the box when it comes to corporate gifts for employees. They make great incentives as well as rewards for a job done well. You don’t have to stick with cheap, plastic marketing tools for your employees. A boss who gives thoughtful gifts is one who appreciates his or her employees. Employees love to be valued and will show their loyalty to an appreciative boss.

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