Cleaning And Gardening Services in Australia Revolutionized By UrbanYou

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There are new technologies that help businesses grow today. Huge companies like Airbnb, Fiverr and Upwork wouldn’t grow to what they are right now regarding quality service, market scale, and customer feedback if it weren’t for the incredible technology provided in the ways customer access their services.

In the case of professional cleaning services in Sydney and Melbourne, these technologies bring the same dramatic growth, improvement or even transformations to how companies run. One of the fast-rising on-demand companies today that offer cleaning services to people in Sydney and Melbourne is UrbanYou, which is right now responsible for shifting the way Australians enjoy their goods and services.

Right now Sydney has seen a dramatic change in how their people consume their goods and services, including the cleaning services available today. UrbanYou is successful in addressing this new change in Sydney’s economy, which it has now reached worth $1 million and 30,000 booked hours. This success wouldn’t have been possible if UrbanYou was not able to access the new technology in service deliveries.

Technological Growth

Co-founder of UrbanYou Noga Edelstein said that this success is a testament that the on-demand services in cleaning are also affected by the innovation in tech. The success story of UrbanYou started when it was able to tap the Australian market’s need for professionals who could help them with their gardening and cleaning service. When UrbanYou touched the online platforms and booking systems available on the net, its sales even rose to dramatic levels. It also helps that the kind of on-demand service that UrbanYou offers can meet a 24-hour deadline and can deliver a service across a large scale market.

The success of UrbanYou may also credit itself to how its website interface operates. The interface is straightforward. It can quickly offer a pre-approved quote that clients can pay through credit card.


UrbanYou’s services include and focus their attention on cleaning and gardening, and its subcategories. Some of the services contained in the cleaning category from UrbanYou would be end-of-lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, and spring cleaning. For gardening, lawn-mowing and landscaping would be the primary focus of UrbanYou.


It’s also a good sign of UrbanYou’s continuous growth that it is now serving multiple metro cities in the Australia region. This challenge is something that its founders will find easy to address even if the rollout will prove difficult at first.

The competition that UrbanYou is facing will also not be a deterrent to the company’s growth because unlike the unprofessional workforce of the contest, UrbanYou’s gardeners and workers will go the extra mile to guarantee satisfied performance.

Another element in the success of UrbanYou is its ability to put its attention and emphasis on the market opportunities in Australia first before going global. There’s still a lot of improvement ahead of the on-demand market in Australia’s cleaning services, and it’s good to know that UrbanYou is ready to face the challenges.

Lastly, the strategies of UrbanYou seems to never fail in the age of social media and will prove thriving and growing despite the competition. With UrbanYou’s intuitive web interface and social media presence, it will be easy to trust the brand to provide the quality cleaning services in Australia.

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