How to Choose Fashionable and Comfortable Shoes to Work In

Presenting a professional image is an important part of an entrepreneurial career. Well-cut, tailored clothes are ideal for an executive role but they need to be complemented by equally stylish shoes. Choosing suitable footwear that combines a high level of design with the comfort that lasts all day isn’t difficult once you know what to look for.


Fashion versus Comfort

Women’s shoes, in particular, are subject to fashion fads that are not necessarily designed to provide comfort especially at work where they can be worn for up to eight hours each day. Podiatrist advice warns against styles such as peep toes and high heels which allow the feet to slip forward causing a variety of problems from ingrowing toenails to painful Achilles tendons. Men’s shoes reliably offer more comfort with an extensive choice of sturdy, low heeled designs including brogues and moccasins that are suitable for any high-flying profession. Opt for soft, comfortable leather as it allows the feet to breathe. When choosing imitation leather to ensure that the material doesn’t retain heat and moisture. Stylish colours for work shoes include black, burgundy, navy and warm browns.


Heel Height

Finding comfortable heels for work should be easy when there are so many brands that produce high-quality shoes designed for professional life. Although high stiletto heels instantly add a sophisticated style to a lady’s smart business suit, they are best reserved for a glamorous evening out. Every foot specialist agrees that a heel height of more than two inches pushes the skeletal frame out of alignment by placing the body’s weight too far forward. When worn constantly, high heels lead to attributes that will make you look less than professional including poor posture, joint pain and a restricted Achilles tendon in the back of the ankle. Ideal heel height is between half an inch and two inches. A court shoe with a low, wide heel looks just as stylish but will distribute your weight correctly providing support and stability when standing.


How to prevent Heel pain

Many young entrepreneurs choose flat ballet pumps as a fashionable alternative to heels. However, a podiatrist will quickly point out that a flat pump doesn’t support either the arch or the sides of the foot. The result is an overpronation or rolling of the feet causing an inflammatory condition known as plantar fasciitis. Opting for a flat shoe with a low, half inch heel and well-designed upper in a patent or grained leather will add superb style to your business outfits and prevent heel and f00t pain.


Shock Absorption

Comfortable work shoes should provide adequate shock absorption to protect your feet during the day. Choose soles that are relatively deep and preferably reinforced with rubber. Adding a superior cushioned insole can help to make your work shoes more comfortable. However, don’t make the mistake of choosing platform shoes as the increased height of the soles actually deceives the brain into misjudging where the floor is positioned causing many falls and sprained ankles. High wedge heels can have a similar effect but low wedges with additional ankle support or straps are considered stylishly comfortable.


Choosing the right Footwear

Squeezing your toes into narrow, pointed shoes is very uncomfortable. Toes compete with each other for space resulting in crooked joints. The large toe is put under the greatest pressure and if left unchecked increases the development of a painful bunion. Choose shoes with a wide, rounded toe box and if it tends to point slightly upwards it will be even more comfortable. Carrying out your professional duties is much easier if you are wearing well-made, high-quality shoes with comfortable heels for work. And with so many designs available that are perfect for a professional role, you’ll look good too.


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