A Checklist for Hiring your First Employee

hiring an employee

For months you may have been operating your business, with only yourself and possibly some family volunteers to keep everything afloat. Finally, after wearing every hat yourself, you reach a point where you are able to bring somebody else on board to help to build the success of your company. This is your breaking point and the very instance where your business is able to move forward, so it’s important to make sure that you are picking a person who possesses all of the right competencies that will allow for a tight ship to be run.

Before you let anybody on board, it’s important to make sure that you put them through your paces and make sure that they benefit the company. Through all of your excitement, you have to be sure that the person you hire has the best intentions and will treat your business with the same love and care that you do. Here is a simple checklist to go through when you are in the process of hiring your first employee...

Don’t trust your instincts:

Whatever position your new employee is going for, whether it will be liaising with clients, or filing paperwork, it’s important to remember that criminal, under-qualified and emotionally unstable minds will hide behind job titles and will try and trick you into giving them an opportunity. A staggering 40% of all applicants will over exaggerate their skills and achievements on their CV, which makes it more important than ever to conduct a rigorous interview process, asking questions, conducting demonstrations etc.

Usually, the search consists of the confirmation of any prior employment claim an individual will have made, as well as exploring any criminal records and conducting a full background check. Remember, if you choose to conduct a full-out fact-finding mission, then you must inform your new recruit that you are doing so, and if you choose not to hire them because of anything you find, you must again inform them of the reason. Quality candidates are out there, but you will have to treat everybody the same in the initial stages and find out who is qualified to work for your business yourself.

Screen for unwanted behaviour:

Now that you aware of your new recruits behaviour, it’s a good idea to see how they will react in certain situations and whether there are any behaviours or mannerisms that could be deemed as unprofessional. Depending on the position you are going to fill, you should seek to conduct psychometric testing, as well as handwriting and skill aptitude tests, which will give you a better insight into the person you are hiring, their mannerisms and so on. If you are sending your new recruit out into the world and expect them to liaise with potential and existing clients and where you will find yourself and your business on the line, it’s important to have confidence in them.

Set a salary and choose your employee’s classification:

Once you have agreed to hire an individual, it’s time to talk about salary and their position within the company. Familiarise yourself with the average salary prices for the position you are hiring for and be sure to keep within the minimum range boundaries. Once a wage has been established, then there will be no confusion once your new employee starts at the company. As well as establishing the salary, it’s also important to have a contractual agreement drawn up which will determine the hours your new employee is required to work, and any other necessary agreements and requirements.

Get your records up to date:

Before your newest employee begins their first day, you will need to have a comprehensive, complete list of their information. The folder of records that you will need to process include a person’s address, birthday, sex, occupation, total wages paid each period. These records need to be up to date and included in your permanent records, to refer back to at any given point.

Hiring your first employee is a milestone for yourself and your business. In the midst of the excitement, you need to remember to be rigorous in your approach and to feel confident in your decision. Your employees represent the very foundations of your business, so it’s important to make sure that you make the right decision.

(Alice Porter is an avid writer who works for an Employment Lawyers in Manchester. Her aim is to share her business knowledge with like minded professionals and new business owners)

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