Career Changing: Myths and Reality

career changing myths

The idea of career changing often comes to mind of employers in different industries. Yet, only a few workers take courage to make a move and find a new job. Why is it so difficult to change careers? Shifting jobs is a stressful and risky process that involves financial insecurity. Apart from that, there are various myths about career changing. They bring fears that often become the real reason to refuse from finding a new job. Let’s take a look at some common myths about career changing and see if they are real.

You Are Too Old to Change Careers

Ageism is a common fear that stops workers from changing careers. It may seem that you missed your chance and it is too late to look for a new job. The job seekers are scared to be rejected because of being behind the times.

In reality, it is more important how relevant you are for a position than what your age is. The professional writers of CV Politan recommend emphasizing your flexibility, desire to learn, and explore new technologies in your resume. These qualities are more important for the employer than your age. There are real-life stories about changing careers in older age that inspire to make a move and make you think “They did it and I can do the same!”

You Can Not Make Money Doing What You Love

This myth makes us believe that our passion or hobby cannot allow us to make money. The practical job that brings you money and an enjoyable activity are presented as two opposites. It is hard to believe you can have it all.

In fact, there is no need to sacrifice your happiness to earn money. You can make a living doing what you like and there are hundreds of people who proved that. These examples may show you how your hobby may become your career, even if your real passion is complaining.

Your Career Change Is a Final Decision

You may not like your current job but there is no guarantee that a new job will be better. The myths make you doubt that a career change is a good decision. There is a possibility that putting an effort and making a change may lead you to a position that is not suitable for you.

While it is possible that a new job may not meet your expectations, there is no need to take it that seriously. Changing jobs once in three-five years is common nowadays. You do not have to stick to one position or company for the rest of your working life. You can always experiment and try something else. Check the stories of people who changed careers several times before finding the right one.

You Must Get Another Degree

Going back to school and studying full-time again is necessary for a career change according to myths. A new job requires new knowledge. Getting another degree and going back to studying is not affordable for a lot of people and it stops them from shifting jobs.

In reality, another degree is not obligatory for a new career. Most of the skills are transferable and can be applied for a new position. You may already have communication skills, time management, computer literacy, problem-solving, and other general skills from the previous job. You may only need to develop some specific skills and get a certain certificate. If chiropractor Gary Kirwan (you can google his story) managed to change careers without a new degree, you can do it too.

You Have To Start From The Scratch

Changing careers often associates with starting from the bottom, especially if the industries are completely different. It is not very pleasant to leave an executive or managing position and start as an assistant again. There is a great chance you will not have to start from the scratch. Your professional experience can carry over into a new industry and be used for other tasks. The career development is also likely to happen faster as you already have some general skills. This is how a former corporate sales and currently a co-founder of Y.O.U underwear Lily Chong managed to change careers and applied her sales skills to start her own brand of underwear.

Changing career could be terrifying but staying at the same place without any job satisfaction is not a better option. There is a grain of truth in career change myths. However, in most cases, the fears are over exaggerated. Do not be afraid to make a change in your career.

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