How to Make Building a Remote Team Easier

Building a remote team might seem really complicated on the surface. It seems a lot simpler to sit down and interview people in person, getting a feel for what they’re good at and how their personality will fit with your business. That’s just not the way things are anymore – more people are working online. Startups and small businesses want the best of the best, and with the internet, they can employ these people from all over the world. It doesn’t even have to be difficult, as long as you start with a plan.

Poke Around Your Personal Networks

You might already be connected with the perfect person for the job on one of your professional networking profiles. If you have someone in mind and you believe they might be available, reach right out to them. You might even be able to put the word out through your professional connects (or even friends) that you need remote positions filled. It’s easy to advertise these positions through social media posts because anyone from anywhere can accept them.

Don’t Limit Your Search

If you’re looking for talent you don’t have access to within the networks you’ve already built, it really isn’t hard to search far and wide. You can hire anyone from anywhere in the world, and if you’re really looking to sift through remote talent, you can advertise your openings on websites all over the world. You can reach out to find freelancers on popular freelancing platforms, and you can also put your job description up on Gumtree in Australia.

Interview via Video

It’s hard to interview someone in an email exchange. Sometimes you want to address things as they come up, rather than pulling points from long blocks of text. Sometimes, things get lost in an email chain. Set up video interviews for candidates you think would be great fits for the job. You’ll be able to evaluate whether or not they’re a good fit the same way you would if you were sitting across a table from each other. How you communicate counts for a lot, and video will allow you to fully communicate as much as you can from a distance.

Have a Hangout

When you’ve gathered several candidates that seem promising, supervise them all in a virtual meeting. You have to form your own version of company culture, and you need to make sure the people you hire are going to be able to work together. Let them have a virtual social. Watch them, talk to them all, and give them an opportunity to get to know each other. You’ll know beforehand whether or not there are issues with personality conflicts, and you’ll spend less time ironing them out later.

Determine How to Make Your Team Well Rounded

You don’t need a dozen people who can do the same thing. You need a dozen people who each bring something unique to the table. If everyone shares the same skillset and perspective, you’ll have a very difficult time innovating. A brainstorming session is never really a brainstorming session when everyone is constantly stuck on the same page. You need a diversity of ideas to help get your business off the ground, or to take your existing business to new heights. Make sure you’re avoiding redundancy with your hiring decisions.

Building a remote team can be even easier than building a physical team. With the internet, it’s possible to do so much more in a short amount of time. It’s a wide world out there, and you’ll be able to explore every nook and cranny for untapped talent without ever leaving your desk.

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