Best Ways to Avoid A Hangover at Work

Are you starring at yourself in the mirror wondering how you are going to hide or avoid hangover at work after enjoying a long night out? Turning up at work looking all ravaged by a hangover is not going to make a good impression. Looking rough and acting exhausted is only going to entice unwanted attention. Your superiors will not be happy if you are slacking or inattentive.

So, what will you do? In this page, we have compiled ways to help you maintain your expertise and keep nosy colleagues at bay by hiding your hangover as best as you can. Let’s get started!

Prep before work

Take a long shower

You just woke up, and chances are you are still reeking with the smells of the long night before. Wash up your body from your hair to toes to sluice the tang of beer or alcohol off your flesh. Fresh is perfect for the begin of the day.

Dress well

Whatever your work’s dress code is, try to reach for its upper limits. Today will not be the day to relax or make less formal your dress habits. In fact, recall a day where everyone complimented your dress code and put on exactly the same.

Check your face

Are your eyes still sunken or bloodshot? You can use eye drops to remove red eyes at least. Also, you can use makeup to hide your eye-bags. Men can reach damp tea bags or cucumber slices to fix swollen, sunken eyes.

Comb or brush your hair

Tousled and unkempt hair will definitely broadcast your night out better. Be sure your hair is neat and rock as you always do. Keep a brush or a comb handy at your working space.

Check your breath

If you cannot tell if your breath smells, assume it does. Ensure that you brush your teeth and rinse with a peasant and strong mouthwash. Throughout the day, when it is socially appropriate, chew mint gum or such peppermint candies.

Eat breakfast

Take fruits, oatmeal, or eggs for breakfast and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is an excellent emergency hangover cure. Also, excess carbohydrates will leave you feeling uneasy or heavy, and grease can upset your stomach. Avoid juice for breakfast as well.

Coping at work

Act as you usually would

Do everything as you usually do – no less or no more. Remember that you are trying to avoid attention and suspicion. Get to work on time, keep the schedule of the day, and watch how you talk with others.

Keeping to yourself

On this particular day, try to limit your personal interaction. You do this by avoiding long conversations. When forced into them, try to do more listening provided they aren’t your superior. If you cannot get away from meetings, stare intensely at every speaker, look engaged.

Work methodically and slowly

Work slowly and deliberately if you have to. It is better to work slow and well than to work a lot and make lots of mistakes. Find something less intellectual and more menial to maintain a productive and steady work look during the hangover day.

Tell no one

Don’t tell anyone you are a hangover. Yes, you may look a little worse for wear, however, if anyone asks, blame it on a bad night’s sleep or any other thing. If there is a chance, a colleague knows or was with you, agree on mutual silence.


In addition, stay hydrated throughout the day to help keep you reasonably alert and awake. If you have time during lunch or before work, take a few minutes to exercise to get the sweat and heart going. Drinking responsibly is the best way to avoid a hangover – do not drink quickly and too much.

This content was contributed by Fonthip Ward, a lifestyle blogger who writes about travelling, health, psychology, philosophy and more.

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