7 Best and Most Affordable Coworking Spaces in Thailand

Whether you are running a thriving business as a digital nomad or simply working online jobs whilst abroad, Thailand offers a perfect spot for remote working due to its sophisticated coworking spaces situated in well-networked cities throughout the country.

No longer the purview of a fringe of hipster entrepreneurs, Thailand’s coworking scene offers freelancers and remote workers an appealing low-cost solution with flexible rates and stimulating environments, whether exotic or modern, cool co-working spaces.

What’s more, Thailand has a healthy and vibrant coworking community which is welcoming, open and features some of the best coworking spaces in the world. Here we look at seven of the best coworking spaces Thailand has to offer on a budget that you can afford, split into seven regions.

Bangkok: The Work Loft

Situated both centrally and conveniently next to the Sala Daeng BTS station, The Work Loft doesn’t just boast a stellar workspace with lashings of modern style and comfort, it is also a night owl’s paradise, running 24 hours to satisfy all remote working demands and around-the-world conference calls.

Situated within a large complex with many floors offering much-needed stress relief via a game centre and gym, you’ll feel connected to the outside community yet shielded from their noise, hustle and bustle. There are hot desks available amongst others or small, more private offices for just a little more money. What’s more, a large meeting room on the upper sixth floor is perfect for meetings.

Koh Lanta: KoHub

Although Koh Lanta offers plenty of bars and cafés for remote working, you can’t beat the dedicated space of KoHub, an air-conditioned working space with 24/7 access for late night calls and video conferences. As one of the best coworking spaces in Koh Lanta, it is ideal for global nomads searching for that tropical island lifestyle. Kitted out with wide spacious hot working spots — whether seated or standing — and on-site food and drink, the setup includes a remote ordering service for food delivered straight to your desk. The jewel in the crown has to be the luscious setting, surrounding beaches and evening activities which inspire and stimulate.

Chiang Mai: Punspace, Tha Pae Gate

Considered a Mecca for remote workers, Chiang Mai has some of the best coworking spaces in Thailand. For us, it has to be Punspace, one of the first spaces on the scene with their first branch in Nimman. This second location is airy, bright and industrial, kitted out with six main tables containing dedicated workstations, and with many other more relaxing seats for casual work. Drink is complementary and there is a relaxing outside space for working in the sunshine. Located down a side street, outside noise is minimal.

Phuket: Garage Society

Located in the heart of Patong, Garage Society has the benefit of being a just one-minute walk from a beach, surrounded by hostels, bars and cafés, yet nestled within a more peaceful street, allowing for a good balance between work and pleasure.

The space has decent connectivity, open-plan desks and more casual corner areas for brainstorming or relaxed working, as well as a private meeting room for groups. Garage Society also benefits from its location, with a pool and café accessible within the building complex. It oozes youth and creativity and is a great spot to fuel your imagination.

Koh Samui: Mantra Work Lounge

Koh Samui is a picture postcard ideal of an island location. If you’re here for remote work, however, your options are limited. Luckily, Mantra Work Lounge is a bright and airy coworking space that has you covered with fantastic views over the beach to boot. Air-conditioned and kitted out with fast wifi, globetrotting workers can make use of hot desks, tables and comfortable deck chairs, and revel in off work activities with games, a well-stocked pantry and, of course, one of the most beautiful beach locations in the world.

Pai: Khathoa

Pai’s beautiful valley setting which is surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation is a location to truly behold and soak in. Although the town has become noticeably more attractive to Western tourists and backpackers, the coworking scene is still waiting to blossom. The once famous Merge coworking space has shut down, but you can make do with the fantastic coffee shop Khathoa. Just 2 minutes drive from Walking Street, Khathoa’s good wi-fi, plentiful space, access to charge points and relaxed atmosphere has already attracted plenty of digital nomads. That’s not to mention the fantastic coffee.

Koh Phangan: BeacHub

What Koh Pha Ngan island is unique for is from being the beachside coworking hubs. BeacHub is an exotic experience with open panoramic views of a private beach and direct access to its sandy shores. With plentiful table space, café access, brainstorming hammocks and bamboo huts for video conferencing, this air-conditioned coworking space is on an entirely new level of worker relaxation. This is truly one of the coolest coworking spaces out there.

Samut Prakan: Office-BKK

Office BKK offers co-working spaces and small offices for rent. They provide a CCTV security camera system, access control system (Available 24 hours) and is located in a great location. Visit https://www.office-bkk.com/en/home for more information.

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