How to Educate Yourself To Become An Influential Leader (Even Without A Title)

educate yourself

You don’t need to be in a high position within a company to be a leader. The most influential and respected leaders are the ones who lead the way even though they were not told to do so. They took the initiative and responsibility to take the matter into their own hands even if their job didn’t require them to do that. True leadership has nothing to with your title nor position, no matter how high it is. It has all to do with how much you invest in yourself and willingness to work on your self-improvement.

Here are some tips to educate yourself to become an influential leader:

Be capable of making hard decisions

Making risky or complicated decisions is not easy and that’s why most people avoid them. But if you want to be a leader, you need to be the one that will make those hard decisions and have your team rely on you for guidance and support. Being capable of making those decisions that are often under pressure and taking action when needed will inspire others to trust you and follow you. Hard decisions are hard first of all because there is always more than one option and there is also a factor of complexity that makes things even harder. But the hardest thing of all is that it’s expected from a leader to make a quick decision that is also the right one. A leader needs to have highly developed logic and problem-solving skills. Moreover, you need to constantly work on leadership skills. When you think you have developed them enough, make it double!

Communicate effectively

Having strong and effective communication skills is a must. Great leaders are always heard and always understood, but they are always great listeners as well. You need to know how to respond to every question and every situation in front you if you want to be considered a leader. There are so many ways you can practice your communication skills, from taking an IELTS course to improve your Academic English skills and language proficiency to taking parts in debates and similar training.

Think strategically

A leader needs to have a vision that will inspire others and push your team ahead. To be in charge you need to be able to see long-term goals regarding your team as a whole and each individual member at the same time. Strong analytical skills, strategic thinking and visionary mindset are crucial if you want to play the leader role. To develop a vision, you need to always be a step above everybody else and to develop a strategy you need to be a step ahead. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, but it is absolutely achievable. If you want to be a true leader you need to train and work hard to achieve and maintain those skills. Play chess, study algorithmic thinking, anything that can help you improve those skills, it can not do you harm, that’s for sure.

Know your limits

As a leader, you need to have highly developed soft skills, but you need to know your limits and set some boundaries. You also need to let everyone know what you will and will not tolerate in the office. By making clear rules as a leader you will avoid confusion and frustration and most certainly maintain discipline. This will help you achieve a more productive and efficient work environment so you can lead your team and help them to stay on the right track.

There is a lot more when it comes to educating yourself to be a successful leader, but you have to start from somewhere, right? Train yourself and improve every day little by little, step by step. There is always something you can work on, new skills, new language, possibilities are endless. You are not born to be a true leader, you learn to be one. Power of leadership is really extraordinary, it not just makes you transform into a superior human being, it also inspires others to be the best versions of themselves. As a leader you need to be the example everyone else wants to follow, you need to take control and focus only on victories, you need to be able to guide others in the right direction. But remember, leadership cannot be demanded, it has to be earned.

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