9 Ignored Content Marketing Strategies That Will Multiply Your Growth

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Content marketing is vital for a business to succeed in drawing in customers. It is a great way to talk to your customers, and get them to be a devoted fanbase by sharing fun information they won’t get anywhere else than your content. However, it gets overcrowded with your competitor’s post and it feels like your posts aren’t even seen. Here are nine tips that nobody is using and will give your business a competitive edge.

1.) Everything is a learning experience

Every time you try a new type of post keep track and write down how it performs. If it doesn’t perform well don’t use it again or alter the way you are attempting it. If it does work for you then grow upon it and think of related ideas. This will allow you to gain more traffic than competitors that do not track their performance.

2.) Keep a flawless editorial log

It is very important to write down every single post you write. I know this could be a gruelling task but it will benefit you in the end. You can also track the performance of the post in the log, that way you know which ones went amazingly and which ones failed to deliver. Then take the amazing ones and grow upon them. Create similar posts and you will likely get similar or even more amazing results.

3.) Use unique but accurate keywords

Search quality senior strategist at Google Audrey Lapettsev says “High-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for the search” If you use keywords that describe the post but are rarely used you will rank high on the search engine rankings. If you mix great keywords and high-quality content you have a high chance to make it to the top page of the search results.

4.) Create a stunning title

A lot of titles are boring and search engines do not pick them up. Even when they do potential readers overlook them on a quest for a fun title. It takes some time to calculate a fun title that people want to click on, but the work is super worth it. You want to have that fun title and if you do your link will be the shining star of the search results page.

5.) Become a master of visuals

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and 40 % of people respond better to visuals? In the content marketing, world visuals rule supreme. If you know at least a little bit about canvas and photoshop and can create and share interesting visuals you will be able to have lots of engagements on social media. This will lead to an increased fan base. Instagram and Pinterest are full of interesting and visually appealing images that people love. These pages give businesses tons of traffic all because of their eye-catching images. They are usually the social media sites with the most repeat traffic of posts.  With effective and visual content you can easily amplify your social media reach and get maximize output from your valuable content.

6.) Don’t put all your focus in one place

Social media sites are like ice cream flavours everyone has their favourite one. So don’t place all your content on only one social media site. This would limit your growth and actually make you lose traffic to your site as the social media trends change and the site you are on grows out of popularity. Instead, you want it on at least three different sites. Most people use Facebook for business, Twitter for discussions and Instagram or Pinterest for visuals. Try a variety of flavours instead of just one.

7.) Content with value

It is said that customers do not buy the product they buy the person behind it. If you are active on social media providing meaningful content to your audience on a regular basis they will earn your trust. This trust will cause them to come back to your page on a regular basis to look for similar advice. This can help you become an influencer in your niche and down the line people new to social media will be looking up to you.

8.) Stay Humble

Once you start getting a growing audience of regular traffic you might start thinking that you know everything. The truth is you don’t, nobody does not even the top influencer of your niche knows everything. There is always something new to learn. So keep looking at the content marketing strategies of the leaders of that niche. You will find an approach that you have not tried yet if you look long enough. If you bring it into your own content marketing approach it could really help your business and you can get that exposure increase you have been working so hard for. If you share your influencers stuff on the social media platform you discovered them on they might even notice you and share some of your content if it worthy of it. This will give you even more exposure, and an even bigger audience.

9.) Strive for Viral

Most writers are ok with keeping their heads above water and not attempting to do any better than that. All niches need top influencers though. So why not you? DO things others are not able to do with their content. Nobody wants another carbon copy playing it safe so they can keep getting followers. They want to be able to laugh at your jokes, celebrate your victories, and get to know you for who you really are. They want to be able to share your original posts with their friends. Laughter and fun are the best medicines in life so why not provide that to your audience.


There are many forgotten content marketing strategies. They can allow you to grow a following and become an industry leader. If you use these skills all you need to do to get a following is be original, be yourself, and share valuable information with your audience. Take your career back from the dullness it has become, and start having fun with it today. It will help you be a fresh and informative industry leader on social media and your fans will love you for it.

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