8 Steps to Facebook Marketing in 2018

Facebook’s staggering 2.07 billion monthly active users should tell business owners one thing; your target market, whoever they are, are most likely on Facebook. Therefore, it’s important you know how to successfully market your business, services and products on the biggest social media channel there is.

While Facebook shouldn’t command all of your marketing resources, it does provide unique opportunities which require their own, unique forms of marketing. Here’s 8 steps you can take towards successfully marketing on Facebook in 2018.

1.Set a Clear Goal

Before you even create your Facebook page, it’s important that you understand exactly what you will be using it for. Are you aiming to increase sales through regular posts, or are you looking to create an engaged community through the comment section within your posts? Facebook is commonly used as a form of customer service due to its real time commenting and messaging service so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Ultimately it will depend on you and your company, but may also be influenced by how your audience interacts with your post. Set a clear goal, with measurable indicators and develop steps for getting to the goal. It can be helpful to take an online course with Upskilled to further understand digital marketing strategies and ways to make the most of channels such as Facebook.

2. Create a Voice

Facebook, and social media in general, revolve around people connecting and sharing content with one another. Therefore, it’s important that your businesses page comes across as human and relatable while still suiting the voice of your business.

Research how your target audience interacts on social media and look for ways to incorporate that voice into your posts.

3. Regular Posts

An advantage of social media is that you can post as much as you like, for free. While this doesn’t mean you should spam your followers feed with irrelevant or boring content, it does mean that you should make the most of this advertising channel.

Regular posts, once a day or several times a week will help your customers become familiar with your company, and while encouraging them to confidently engage with you on social media.

4. Be Engaged

When customers do engage with you, it’s important that you return the engagement. Reply to comments, like posts and encourage your users to share or tag you in photos of their purchases.

Another thing to remember is that Facebook now lists how long it takes for your business page to reply to messages so it’s important that you do it in a timely matter, usually within 24 hours.

5. Pictures and Videos

Pictures and videos now make up a large percentage of people’s Facebook feeds so it’s important that you get involved. Photo posts alone get 39% more interaction. Think about what your customers will be interested in and try to get them to engage with your posts.

There’s almost endless possibilities with what you can post to your Facebook to get people interested and excited. Here’s some ideas for increasing Facebook engagement with pictures or videos:


  • Post “behind-the-scenes” videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Live QandA style videos
  • Take pictures of new or exclusive stock
  • Take pictures of completed project

6. Build Relationships

Like all relationships, Facebook friendships can take time. Be sure to continuously engage with your followers and be willing to take on feedback. Along with creating useful content, create offers, discounts and products for your Facebook community to create a sense of exclusivity for your followers. Not only do users love exclusive deals, it’s also a great way to build your audience and maintain engagement.

7. Promote the page

In order for your Facebook page to gain traction, you must promote it alongside your traditional marketing methods. Your main website should link to your social accounts, and the address should be visible in your brick-and-mortar store along with on your business card and letterhead.

8. Use insights

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is its ability to provide page owners with insights. You can see the demographics of those who like your page, along with what their interests are. While this is mainly helpful for paid advertising through Facebook, it can help you create better suited campaigns by tailoring your posts and offers for your audience.

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