Top 7 Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 and Beyond

Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 and Beyond

Digital marketing continues to evolve tremendously owing to rapid innovation in the sector. Cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence is penetrating the scene to provide efficiency through automation. It is important now more than ever to keep in touch with these advancements so as to make your marketing campaigns a success. So here are 7 upcoming digital trends suggested by Noria to keep you going in 2019 and beyond.


1. Personalization


Personalization is quite common among big brands such as Netflix. At a glance, customers can easily find content and products that they can relate to. This isn’t about to change in 2019. Marketers have found a strong positive association between personalization and customer-brand relationship. It improves the user experience by minimizing the search time. Therefore, digital marketing in 2019 calls for a more customer-centric approach. Marketing emails, web content, ads, and products need to be more personalized than ever.


2. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence in digital marketing area is no longer just a buzzword. Its prominence in the digital marketing sector is starting to show. Search engines are using it to rank sites through technical SEO. An example is Google’s AI-drive RankBrain. Besides that, AI allows for a seamless analysis of consumer behaviour online. This includes their search patterns, activity on the social media platform, location, and preferred sites. Businesses can now understand better how internet users locate goods and services of interest. By leveraging this information, advertisers can achieve success in their marketing campaigns.


3. Google Ads


Google ads are not going to be faced out anytime soon. In fact, Google just recently announced that it would improve the format of ads. This change features machine learning to provide responsive ads. The new fix will help brands to find the right combination of headlines and their descriptions to display in the SERPs. In addition, advertisers will be able to include up to 15 headlines and four meta descriptions.


In addition, multimedia ads are taking over the ads marketing. Multimedia ads are more engaging and can deliver a message in an elaborate and effective manner.


4. Social Media Marketing


Just like every other aspect of digital marketing, social media marketing is changing dramatically. Leading the revolution in social media marketing is Snapchat with their AI/VR driven filters. These filters allow users to augment their video posts with sponsored content. With the hyper-specific geo-targeting feature, the ads can be more localized to where the user is at the exact moment. Facebook has also joined the bandwagon with the use of video ads and chatbots. The latter helps brands reach out to potential customers who’ve shown interests in their ads in the social media platform.


5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO has proven mandatory for sites to rank better in search engines. However, the major challenge has been the frequent updates in search engine algorithms. This change is attributed to advancements in technologies that affect how sites are indexed. The good thing is standard SEO aspects such as link building, targeted keywords, quality content, and responsive web design are still effective. To gain an edge in 2019, every SEO agency needs to take into account innovations such as voice search. Adopting long-tail keywords that anticipate searches made through voice is one way of going about this anticipated change. Optimizing video search will also provide sites with better ranking.


6. A Shift to Mobile Search


With the current increase in the population of smartphone owners, there is a need to adopt a mobile-first approach in digital marketing. Currently, online traffic is dominated by mobile users. In addition, search engines now use mobile site performance as a criterion for ranking. Therefore, the trick is to make mobile-friendly sites with seamless user-experience.


7. Programmatic Advertising


This form of advertising employs artificial intelligence to automate and simplify the ad-buying process. It is a huge leap from the conventional use of RFPs, human negotiation, and manual order insertion. The amount of efficiency that comes from programmatic ads buying is immeasurable. Also, the human element in ads transaction is eliminated thus reducing marketing costs. Evidently, programmatic advertising is a promising digital marketing tool for 2019.

From these trends, it is clear that the future of digital marketing is in innovation. Tools such as virtual/augmented reality, AI, and voice search will overhaul digital marketing big time in 2019. Therefore, it is critical that marketers keep up with the pace.


This post comes courtesy of Noria, an international digital marketing agency based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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