6 Team Building Ideas to Strengthen Your Diverse Team

The right team building activities can make or break your training event. Regardless of your industry, a positive culture where employees feel a sense of belonging adds to the bottom line. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, 550 million workdays and $500 billion are lost each year due to workplace stress. Here are six corporate training activities ideas to build a strong and happy team.


Puzzle Seats


Of all the great team bonding ideas out there, this is one of the best to get people talking and to break the ice right off the bat. It can be awkward to decide where to sit in a meeting when you don’t know everyone. In this activity, team members receive a puzzle piece and find others with pieces that complete their puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, they all sit down together.


Before your meeting, collect some pictures from the internet, a calendar, or old magazines. You will need one picture per table that you will use in your meeting room. Cut each photo into the number of seats you have at one table.


When every group is seated, ask them to tape their puzzles together. Have each group choose one person to present their puzzle to the entire team.


Five Questions


In this activity, each team member answers five questions and then shares with the group. This is a great way to get conversations going and make sure that everyone is included.


To prepare, create a handout with five creative and fun questions. (Examples: What superpower would you choose to have and why?, What animal would you choose to be and why?; What is your favorite candy?; Should the socks you wear always match?; What is your zodiac sign?)


Have people begin answering the questions as soon as everyone is seated at the meeting. When everyone is done, instruct groups to share their answers beginning with the person with the longest hair and then moving clockwise. It helps people feel comfortable when there are specific instructions and fewer unknowns. Set a timer for 10 minutes to create a sense of urgency.


True Colors Personality Test


The True Colors Personality Test is a powerful and popular team builder that highlights the importance of valuing different personalities and perspectives in a group.


There are several versions of the True Colors Personality Test online. Find the one that you think will best suit your employees and make enough copies for everyone. During the training, everyone takes the survey to figure out what personality “color” they are. Provide some follow-up information on the assets and weaknesses associated with each personality type. Once everyone has had a chance to look over the information about the color, ask them to share their color and three strengths and weaknesses that come with it with table mates.


Finally, wrap this activity up by leading a discussion on why it’s important to have diverse personality types within one group.


Apples to Apples


There are lots of fun team bonding ideas out there, but Apples to Apples is at the top of our list. It gets people laughing and talking with very little outside facilitation. In this game


To prepare, just purchase the game and divide up the cards for each table. Give clear instructions and then let your team play in small groups. You can float around the room to observe the laughter and chatting that is sure to ensue or join in to get to know your team members on a new level.


Escape the Room


This activity sends your team on an interactive adventure. Team members have to work together to find clues and solve a riddle to “unlock the door” and escape a room. There are endless ideas for escape room games themes, clues, and lock idea online. Find one with easy to follow instructions or design a custom game that incorporates your own team building ideas. You’re sure to have a stronger crew by the end.


Try a few of these, or incorporate them all into your upcoming corporate training. You can expect chatting, laughter, and all around good vibes. Your team members are sure to leave happier and more productive than before they came in.


Puzzle Solving Exercise

The challenge of solving a puzzle together can help create a bond and open up conversation between group members. Each member within the group can offer their own insight on how to reach the solution, allowing everyone to take part and to feel valued. Solving a challenging puzzle such as an ancient key wooden puzzle provides the group with an easy way to communicate with each other without the awkwardness that often comes when a new team is assembled. Working on a puzzle also helps to even up the playing field in terms of communication, allowing each team member to offer their own insight.

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