6 Offline Marketing Strategies For Online Brands

Running an online business can be one of the most remarkable, rewarding experiences that an individual has. In many cases, online business owners make digital advertising their primary mode of sharing their company with prospects. However, integrating offline marketing strategies into your advertising efforts is a wonderful way to attain a more exceptional return on investment (ROI). Read on to learn more about why offline marketing is important and which strategies you can implement to make your online business more influential and authoritative:

Offline Advertising 101

Although defined broadly, offline marketing is essentially a form of connecting with and converting prospects that involves the use of traditional advertising mechanisms. This can include anything from printed banners to advertising signs. In some cases, business owners think about the relevance of offline and online marketing strategies to their company’s growth process. In reflecting on the rise of technology and the increasingly integral role that online shopping plays in daily life, many business owners decide to abandon the world of traditional advertising and focus solely on internet-based marketing. However, it’s important to know that offline marketing is still important and advantageous. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that 56% of customers think print marketing is the most trustworthy kind of advertising.

Offline Advertising Tips That Can Benefit Your Online Business

It’s important to note that there is a wide range of offline marketing strategies for online businesses. Here are several of them:

1. Print Publications.

Print publications retain a powerful, effective place in the offline marketing world. This is the case because attaining prominent placements in reputable journals and magazines can showcase your expertise and optimize your brand’s level of visibility. With this reality in mind, you should keep an eye out for opportunities to appear in relevant print publications. In some cases, hiring a team of public relations experts is the best way to learn about opportunities to push the print ad process forward.

2. Networking.

While networking now transpires in the online domain, it’s important to remember that this marketing endeavour is still prevalent in the offline world. Also, note that offline networking can drive traffic to your business website as your new contacts become curious about you and your brand. As such, it’s important to put making face-to-face connections at the top of your to-do list. Note that networking can transpire informal settings like business luncheons as well as informal domains such as baby showers or weddings.

3. Cold Calls.

Cold calling is still considered one of the best offline marketing strategies under the sun. This is the case because phone calls are more personal than emails. Another benefit of cold calls is that they demand an immediate response. To make the most of this marketing strategy, it’s important to ensure that the caller has a clear reason for reaching out. She or he should be able to articulate the reason for the call in an amicable yet professional manner without taking up too much of the prospect’s time.

4. Trade Shows.

When you start thinking about which offline promotion strategies to implement for the purpose of pushing your online business forward, be sure to consider the value of attending trade shows. In these settings, you can network with prospective buyers and other industry leaders. At the trade show, you can provide prospects with print materials and even bring in a featured speaker to give your brand a more authoritative, value-adding edge. If you’ve never attended a trade show before, you may want to hire a team of business consultants to assist you with the planning process.

5. Guerrilla Marketing.

Many people think this is the best offline marketing strategies available. This is the case because offline marketing can catch people off guard and generate curiosity because it transcends the realms of conventionality. Guerrilla marketing is all about being creative and “out of the box” with your approach of sharing your brand with others. Because this form of advertising tends to catch people off-guard and engender substantive surprise, many business owners find it to be a simultaneously fun and effective form of marketing to use.

In addition to attracting attention through the use of innovative advertising strategies, guerrilla marketing is an empowering tool because it is typically a low-cost enterprise. Note that the sky is the limit when it comes to guerrilla marketing. Your tactics can include anything from placing sticky notes in fast food restaurants to putting temporary artwork on the streets or sidewalks.

6. Billboards and Printed Banners.

This involves people being able to see your advertisement on the road. The passerby can see billboards and printed banners often on the road. The great thing about printed banners is that you can determine which available areas are more likely to be seen by your target audience often. For example, if your target audience is people between the ages of 18 and 25, you can place your advertising banners on the road that leads to a local college. Showcasing your products and service on a printed banner is an effective way to interact with your potential customers.


If you’re serious about pushing your online business forward, you should definitely get serious about offline marketing. You can use some or all of the offline marketing techniques outlined above to keep your business on the road to optimize profitability, productivity, and power.

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