5 Ways To Increase Sales With Call Centre Software

The use of call centre software can have a profound impact on how well a sales team performs. When implemented correctly, it can be an effective tool that empowers the team and enables them to do their job. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to increase sales productivity with the use of the lead generation call centre software.

Give Your People a Steady Source of Leads

It is impossible to close a sale without first getting an idea of who your potential customers are. By using call centre software programs, you give your sales staff a consistent source of leads to convert to customers. In addition to giving your people something to do during the day, delivering leads can engender trust between the marketing team and management.

Your People Have to Consider All Leads Equally

The use of a call centre software program forces your people to contact the lead that it chooses. This means that your people can’t choose to pursue a lead because it is easy or because it may lead to the largest commission. It may also be possible to create parameters that force your people to work through a predetermined list to get to the leads that may be most appealing.

Taking such steps could be among the ways to drive sales because your staff will learn to sell to a diverse group of people. Even if only a few of those leads pan out, it could result in the company developing a footprint with a previously untapped demographic. That could help to increase sales and the company’s visibility over the long-term.

Scripting Can Lead to Increase Sales

The use of scripts can be one of the ways to improve sales productivity in your call centre. Using a script allows your people to deliver a targeted message that can form the basis of a productive interaction between salesperson and customer. Ideally, the script will sound natural and will provide information that may make it easier to close a deal. As with any other marketing technique, the scripts that a company uses should be reviewed on a regular basis to determine their effectiveness.

Don’t Forget to Monitor Your Sales Staff

It is important that you monitor your sales staff to make sure that they are meeting the needs of the customer. They should also be monitored to make sure that they are properly pushing the products or services that the company sells. Generally, a manager may monitor his or her sales staff by listening to recordings of interactions with customers. Managers may also choose to observe their staff talking to customers or interacting with others within the call centre.

Mix Call Centre Marketing With Email Marketing

These days, customers expect that they can contact a company in a variety of different ways. For instance, you might communicate with a customer via email as well as over the phone. By integrating an email system with a call centre phone system, the conversation between the customer and the sales staff can continue seamlessly among both channels.

This may be true even if the person responding to an email is different from the person who is talking to the customer over the phone. If you take an omni-channel approach, be sure to create a plan that can connect a call or customer service centre to any brick-and-mortar locations the company may have.

There is no one correct way to sell to people. Therefore, you have to give your sales team as many tools as possible to get the job done. Doing so gives them the flexibility to overcome objections while also helping them to close deals in a timely manner.

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