5 KPI Metrics That Can Balance The Speed And Stability

5 KPI Metrics That Can Balance The Speed And Stability

Choosing the right metrics that answer the right business questions that a company may need is really important. It requires thought and cares to do this and you can’t just choose them on a whim.

Measurements should be designed as a way to answer business questions, not to become questions themselves. There are some metrics that every team should use or at least to use after they achieve some performance improvements. These will make a difference, without a question. Still, what’s truly important is still a success and how you use those metrics.

How you begin matters as well. For speed and stability your business, you should try one of the following metrics:

Lead Time

Lead time represents one of the metrics tracking agility. These metrics can help you plan your process improvement even though they really tell you nothing about your success or the value added or the objective quality. You should still measure these agile metrics.

Lead time, specifically, shows you how long it can take you to from an idea to a delivered product. If you want to be more responsive to your customers, you should use your Lead Time metrics and try to reduce them by making your decision making simpler and your decision time shorter – reduce the waiting time.

Cycle time

“Cycle time is a metric that shows you how long it takes for you to change your system and put that change into production. Teams that use continuous delivery have cycle times that are measured in minutes as opposed to teams that have a cycle time of months,” says a Tech writer from Big Assignments and Essayroo, Anna Garner.

Team velocity

Team velocity is a metric that shows you how many units your team typically produces in an iteration. This is the number that you should only use as a tool to plan iterations. To compare velocities between teams makes no sense in hindsight because it’s based on a non-objective estimate and it doesn’t measure success.

Security metrics

Even though security is often overlooked, analysis tools can be used to build process, specialized evaluations and stress tests. Security requirements are simple and involve common sense but there are some metrics that can mean a lot to your customer’s overall satisfaction.

The endpoint incidents is a metric that describes how many endpoints have gotten a virus over time.

Mean time to repair is a metric that shows the amount of time between the discovery of an attack or an issue and the time it’s fixed. It should be tracked over time intervals. If this metric lowers over time, this means that the developers are solving issues more effectively.

Production analysis

Production analysis involves two metrics. The first one is meantime between failures and the second one is mean time to recover or repair. Both are pretty self-explanatory and they measure your software system’s performance in the current environment. There is also an application crash rate and it describes how many times an application has failed in comparison to how many times the app was used. It’s related to the two previous metrics.

None of these metrics tells you about any specifics of the features that have failed or the users that have been affected but the smaller the numbers the better your results are. The modern software gathers detailed metrics easily but it takes time and thought to catch these alerts and set up relevant ranges that can give you proper results.

“All of these metrics tell you important things about your software and performance but you should still not use them as a way to understand your success. We would all like our software never to fail but it’s highly improbable in reality. Bugs and breaches happen. What you can do is fix those issues as soon as you can,” says Jenny Wilkes, a data analyst at Australian Help and Boom Essays.

Tracking these metrics is an important part of your job and you should focus on this as well as measuring and understanding your overall success.

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