5 Creative Ways To Improve Your Marketing Messages



Every business depends on the quality marketing messages to enhance its activities and grow.

They are intended to reach the potential customers, but also to build the image and reputation of the company on the market. Therefore, every business tries to create the messages that stand out in order to attract the potential customers.  If you’re looking to improve this creative process, here are some ways to do it.

1. Concentrate on the target audience

If your marketing messages don’t find the intended audience, then it’s time to define them. The point of marketing is to help you reach your target audience and increase your profit. Everything other than that is considered inefficient and a waste of resources.

When you create the message, consider what interests your target audience. The more you can narrow down the manners and topics to cover, the greater are chances you will hit the mark. This information is best obtained through research and analysis of the similar strategies implemented by your competitors.

2. Choose an appropriate “when”

You know who your target audience is, therefore it’s time to find out when to address it. The point is to reach your audience at the right time in order to convert them into customers. This is done through trigger marketing and automation.

Trigger marketing requires that you identify certain parts of the potential customer’s buying process in order to implement the message at these points. For example, if you discovered what the potential customer was interested in while browsing through your website, remind them to come back. You can apply the same strategy to those who already made a purchase, and remind them of the discount or special offers.

3. Measure the success of your message

Every campaign has good and bad points which you must identify in order to create more creative marketing material. This means that you should measure the success of your message to see how effective it is and adjust it accordingly, if possible.

Of course, you want to concentrate this process on key performance indicators which are truly important for your campaign. Namely, pay attention to the right data and regularly check if there are any changes. If you catch even the slightest fall of interest for the certain message that can help you adjust and rearrange it.

4.  Create a tailored marketing messages

Tailored marketing messages are useful for customizing your campaign to be appropriate for the certain type of audience. For example, if a part of your audience is attracted to exhibition stands, then you will concentrate your messages for that type of media.  This is something to know from the start in order to prepare the material appropriately and so it is directed to every interest group within your audience.

5. Work on the hook

One of the commonly used ways to gain audience’s attention is to apply the marketing hook. This is something the content marketing started using and proved to be successful. More precisely, you offer certain information as a motivating factor for your potential customers to contact you.

For example, you tell them to contact you for additional info on some special offer or to download certain material which incorporated your product, like a cookbook if you sell seasonings.  You will notice that every hook provides a valuable incentive to the potential customer to further inspect your offer.

6. Be more personal

Direct your marketing messages on a more personal level as though you and the potential customer are old friends. For example, if you’ve done your research appropriately, you are now familiar with desires of your target audience. Don’t point them out to them by using an obvious lead, but respond to them and show your understanding. If you sell products for fitness, for instance, address your customer with something like “You can lose weight. You just need the right way to do it.”

7. Communicate trust

If your audience doesn’t trust you, then you have a big problem on your hands. The goal of marketing is to persuade your audience that you are just what they’re looking for. Namely, if you say it in your marketing messages then mean it and uphold your promises. The competition is fierce and once you lose the trust of your potential customers, you will have quite of a trouble regaining it.


Do you know your audience well enough to inspire your creativity? This is something you should start with when preparing marketing messages since it will give you the focus for the campaign. Today, people communicate online with such familiarity even though they never met, so get right in there. Don’t only persuade your customers to buy something, but also show them you understand why they need to.

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