5 Creative Promotional Product Ideas For Laser Cutting

A good branded product idea enriches not only your brand but also your audience. It sells your merchandise and also make your targeted audience feel something. This is the very reason why it has proved a difficult task to create unique, marketable promotional ideas. Most businesses at times get it wrong and end missing value for the promo.

However, when the promotional ideas are impressive, they become a major boost to your product. They initiate social buzz and ensure continuous support and usage by your customers, which builds a long-lasting relationship and loyalty with them.

To achieve the right fit between your promotional idea, your customers and your situational context, here, we will major on the 5 promotional product ideas using laser cutting technology.

1. Laser Cut Headphones Wraps

Have you ever experienced the tangled, ungainly mess that occurs when headphones are tossed carelessly into a backpack? How does it feel? While this experience happens almost to everyone, it is not only irritating but also very annoying. Buying a new set of headphones always seem like a better option than to try and untangle them.

But there is a simple solution to this hassle, a laser headphone wrap. These fashionable wraps will go along way to even become swag and create that social buzz. This will surely guarantee to be kept and used over and over again.

2. Commemorative Frames

In this digital age, photos are carefully curated and the right picture frame is vital in preserving and beautifying the memory. A good picture frame, therefore, is a great branding tool. What creates perfect customized picture frames than with Laser cutting?

With a wide range of approaches in laser-cut picture framing, from a variety of materials to choose from to the cut path complexity to laser-etched details, you are assured of an amazing artwork that will stand out and attract the attention of viewers all over.

You can finish the frames by engraving the name of your logo on them as a promotional package.

3. Laser-Cut Calendars

A physical desktop calendar that keeps track of dates, schedules and important events within eyesight is very appealing office decor. A much better version is a laser-cut calendar design.

It will for certain be a focal point and a piece of admiration not just for you but also for your visitors. This masterpiece design can work from an acrylic nicely laser cut, with options available in the Ponoko materials library. All you have to do is be creative by adding your company logo and you have got an elegant promotional gift to reward someone.

4. Laser Cut Robots

Robots are interesting and get people really wowed in your product and subsequent brand, which is the whole idea of promotional products. Assumingly, after a conference, you give the attendants each a stylish branded bag, a pen and a cool robot kit, Which of those items do you think people will be talking about?

It would definitely be the robot kits as they do not come by often. And more importantly, they have a functional purpose too. Combining their usefulness with design flair and you get yourself a successful brand block.

5. Laser-cut phone cases

Everybody nowadays has mobile phones and with some much in our lives wrapped around these small digital devices, protection becomes a priority. Therefore, bold design with corporate branding on blank phone canvases is ideal branding opportunities.

Additionally, felt material due to its softness nature keeps mobile phones scratch-free. The ice will be to incorporate engraved branding on the material by a laser-cut!

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