5 Brilliant Social Enterprise Ideas That Will Inspire You

Each day, the news is full of dire predictions about the impact of climate change, income inequality and other social justice issues. While it may seem as if society is doomed to remain stuck in its current mindset, there are many people and organisations that are trying to both make a profit and help the world at the same time. What are some of the concepts that are helping them meet their goals?

Increased Capability Helps Us Meet Increased Challenges

It isn’t enough to try to find incremental solutions to the problems that we face these days. At first glance, it may seem daunting or overwhelming to think that starting a social business is enough to take on an issue like climate change or racial or gender inequality. However, social media and other tools make it more realistic that a single person or organisation can truly effect change on a regional, national or international level.

Don’t Forget to Develop the Next Generation

You can’t change attitudes unless you give the youngest among us the skills and the hope that they need to make their mark on the world. For instance, a company that decides to focus on employment services for youth in developing countries or in regions that need them the most can get people out of the cycle of poverty. Over time, those who have the skills needed to make a living can help their parents, grandparents and other family members enjoy a higher standard of living.

The Journey Is Faster When You Work Together

Social enterprise ideas are easier to scale when people are working together. In some cases, this may mean that companies literally work together to meet their goals. However, it could also mean that companies decide to go the franchise route or otherwise collaborate with outside parties to grow larger at a rate faster than it could by itself.

Everyone Is Empowered to Create Change

One of the most powerful ideas for social entrepreneurship is that no matter who you are, there is more access to information than ever before. For instance, apps are making it easier to become a blogger or someone who can talk to an audience about their views on a given issue. The internet itself enables those in countries that may live under a repressive government to find outside sources of information that can inspire them to lead their people to freedom.

Technology Is Helping Create Change for the Better

One of the core ideas for social enterprise is that technology is not just a tool to make change for the sake of change. Instead, it seeks to make changes that benefit people as individuals and society as a whole. If you have a cell phone, you have what you need to schedule a political rally or get your message out to a receptive audience with little that can be done to quell the message or otherwise interfere with it. Technology also allows individuals to help others in the form of micro loans or other small contributions that can lead to a tangible change in a person’s live or those in his or her community.

Final Words

An individual can do much to change the world in which he or she lives. Whether he or she takes action through writing a blog post or making a small loan to help someone in a developing country, that action can inspire others to take action on their own. This is ultimately what starts to create a mindset of doing good and taking whatever steps are necessary or possible to craft a more perfect world for everyone.

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